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Destiny 2 Witch Queen

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The best Destiny 2 DLC?

Witch Queen is the name of the upcoming, massive expansion for D2. Like any massive update, the expansion is, according to the revealed info, expected to bring the fans a lot of new content:


  • The new story - one of the most obvious features is the new storyline dedicated to the Savathun, the head of the Hive faction. Her planet is her throne, and she somehow is able to use the same power as the Guardians - The Light. Which means she has the ability to resurrect. Fighting her in her own world is not going to be easy.

  • New Dungeons and raids - Destiny 2 Witch Queen wouldn’t dare to add co-op, endgame content. Although the dungeons won’t come out with the release of the expansion itself, the fans are still excited.

  • New melee weapon type - kind of an unexpected choice has been made by the developers, but it is what it is. Soon, we’ll be maniacally waving Glaives around.

  • New weapon crafting system - something the fans really hoped would be released with The Witch Queen Destiny 2 full-fledged weapon crafting system.


Of course, the first thing everyone will be busy doing when all of this comes to the live servers is the grind to the new power cap. How do you prepare for that? Well, the steps are very simple:


  • In order to save yourself time and not do the grind, use one of the services from this page.

  • Do you wish to get the new raid rewards on day 1? Once again, achievable with our service.

  • Would you like to make sure you’re totally ready for Season 16? You guessed it - we can help you do that!


Right after the initial Witch Queen reveal, everyone’s minds were busy planning how to best prepare for her arrival. You now have the ultimate answer!

What is destiny 2 Witch Queen?

Whitch Queen is the newest and the best D2 DLC ever released. There are a lot of things to take care of before the release. You may already know that a big chunk of the game’s content is being put away into the Vault, so it’s really important that you use the time that’s left preparing and hoarding everything that will be unobtainable very soon. That’s what our services are all about:


  • Minimizing the grind. Everyone remembers how bad it was at the start of the last expansion. Lots of journalists rated the expansion poorly based on how long it takes to get to the cap and gain access to the new content. Our PROs will help you avoid this problem entirely.

  • Know a Witch Queen armor set you like? Our PROs will assist you in obtaining it. Destiny 2 remains a looter-shooter in 2022, and you’re going to need all the help you can get obtaining all the set pieces.

  • There’s no telling what the new Witch Queen raid will be like. One thing is for sure - it’ll be very difficult. It’s also going to take time for the community to come up with the meta loadouts and strategies. Don’t wait for the others. Start farming the raid with our PROS and see everything its reward pool has to offer.

  • Witness the entire story of the Witch Queen DLC before anyone else. Enlist the best players of this game into your team and venture through the Throne World. Let nothing stand in your way!

  • And how about being one of the first Guardians to try out the brand new Osteo Striga? Funny name, right? Well, it’s the name for the upcoming Witch Queen exotic SMG!

How Do Our Services Work? 2022 Edition

If you’re spending your game time trying to get those Halo weapons, you can relax now. Let it be known that during Witch Queen's 30th anniversary content will still be available! However, just like with any other content in the game, you can order a service from us for it. Here’s how it works:


  • Select the service that you like

  • On its page, you’ll be able to select additional parameters if you like

  • Pay for the service, and your order will appear in our system

  • One or several PRO players will be assigned to your order shortly

  • Together you will join the Discord

  • You’ll start playing together (this is what’s called a “Selfplay” service)

  • Very soon, our PROs will help you reach the desired results

  • Once that happens, the service will be completed


This applies to everything in the game, both old and new content, the Witch Queen SMG, you name it! Do browse our website to find the service or a deal that will be more helpful in your case. If you struggle deciding which service to pick, contact our managers, and they will help you make the right choice! Also, be sure to look over our Witch Queen bundles!

What Benefits Are There For Using LFcarry’s Services?

Not only do we guarantee to deliver you the Witch Queen exotics much faster than you would do so yourself, but we also offer the highest quality of service that can be found. Here are some more details about that:


  • A roster of verified, extremely experienced, and super friendly PRO players who will help you with anything you desire!

  • Make a custom schedule with our PROs and play whenever it is convenient for you!

  • The 24/7 support services are at your disposal to ask any questions!

  • Safety and transparency are achieved by having all of our services be in Selfplay-mode only. There’s no account sharing!

  • None of our PROs use any illegal software or anything that would put your account at risk!

  • Our QA team is vigilantly watching over the quality of provided services, ensuring that our clients are always treated to the highest standards!

  • You get an exclusive opportunity to grow as a player and ask our PROs to help you improve! They will happily share their secrets and give you invaluable advice!


Whether you are eager to try on the Witch Queen armor Destiny 2 has been teasing for a while now or something else, you can always rely on our services. has been around since the initial release of the game, and we will be honored to help you out with your adventures!

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