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Destiny 2: Season of the Undying


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Shadowkeep Dreambane Armor Set


Garden of Salvation Armor Set


Leviathan's Breath Exotic Bow


Eriana's Vow Exotic Handcannon


Monte Carlo Exotic Auto Rifle


The real weapon beasts from Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

The DLC itself kicked off quite a while ago but Destiny 2 Shadowkeep exotics are still extremely demanded. Season 8 was extremely rich in weapons too and we are happy to announce that all those badass guns are still available on our service. Yes, it means you can still get then even though S8 is in the past now. Destiny 2 Leviathan’s Breath, for example. It’s the game’s first-ever (and still the only) heavy combat bow. For archers, it’s a must-have and even those who are more comfy with firearms can find this weapon rather nice to have and use. For those who play in a group, it’s absolutely necessary to buy Destiny 2 Divinity exotic ‘cause this trace rifle can inflict hefty debuffs on your targets and, more importantly, these debuffs can be used not only by you but also by everyone in your party. Isn’t it amazing? Destiny 2 Deathbringer has a truly mind-blowing blast radius and it will make sure that wherever they land those rockets will eliminate everything on their way. Those are some pretty nice SoU weapons, but we’ve got more. Let’s check them out!

More goodies from Destiny 2 Season of the Undying

You’ve probably heard that Bungie brought back a very famous gun from D1. It’s Monte Carlo, the incredible AR hiding behind a tedious quest but with Destiny 2 Monte Carlo carry from LFcarry, you’ll unlock this fabulous gun in no time. And it’s not the only juicy boost we can offer. Apart from the above-mentioned exotics, we can grind Xenophage, Eriana’s Vow or even get you all those weapons that drop from the latest Garden of Salvation raid. Destiny 2 Loud Lullaby boost is also an option, and we’re just getting started. In SoU, the devs also added ritual weapons as the replacement for our fav pinnacles. Lots of fans were disappointed but in truth, we understand the reason behind such a drastic change. The devs wanted to make guns like the pinnacles less dominant and give the stage to other weapons, and that’s why they designed the rituals to be more balanced and less overpowering. For what it’s worth, we are glad to offer you our help in obtaining all of them. You can Exit Strategy, which is a Gambit ritual weapon, and we’ll carry you through this nasty Gambit quest so that the Drifter would award you with this stylish SMG. You can also order the Edgewise boost so that our pros could handle Zavala’s missions and unlock this cool MG for your collection or get the Crucible ritual weapon which is a cool scout rifle that goes by the name of Randy’s Throwing Knife. To unlock it our pros will cope with all the Shaxx’s tasks, land the necessary number of kills, earn medals, and reach the required Glory rank.

Destiny 2 new weapons and armor sets from SoU are still hot

With that innovative armor system having been implemented, armor boost is very demanded now. For you to have a real taste of this mode equipping and stat buffing mechanics, we suggest you turn to our skilled pros. Despite the updates having been applied not so long ago, they have already mastered the techniques and apart from Dreambane armor set boost or some custom set farming, can teach you where to find resources and how to collect them in the most effective way. If you know what you’re doing and what modes you are applying to your Destiny 2 Armor 2.0, you can go way even beyond the established lvl cap. You’re also free to purchase some awesome raid gear or buy the raid carry itself to ensure flawless results and tons of rewards.

Destiny 2 new armor and other great offers on LFcarry

Whether you buy Destiny 2 Seasonal Artifact carry or some armor boost, you can be sure that purchasing from our service will not take long. A couple of minutes of picking the offer and dealing with the payment will introduce you to the whole new universe of high-quality paid help and tons of such pleasant goodies as constant refunds, favorable prices, and nice sweet discounts. You can even own membership on our website and become a part of our loyalty program that unlocks even more discounts and money-saving options for you. Let become your friend and trustworthy guide, let our pros ensure the best D2 experience so that you could enjoy every moment of playing your favorite game without any restrictions at all.


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