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What Are Trials of Osiris?

The crowning jewel of Destiny’s PvP, Trials of Osiris are the most hardcore competitive experience in the entire game. The 3v3 mode pits you against other Guardians to hunt down Trials loot that comes as post-match drops or is unlocked via tokens and engrams. Every week, Friday to Tuesday, you can fill out your Trials Passage with wins and get your hands on some terrific rewards, including:


  • Powerful gear (Tier II & III) for 3 and 5 wins

  • Destiny 2 pinnacle gear for 7 wins and going Flawless

  • Adept weapons and mods for securing a Trials of Osiris 7-0 Flawless run and reaching the Lighthouse


The loot pool changes every week, and you can get your hands on high-stat Trials of Osiris armor, like Pyrrhic Ascend, and top-tier Destiny 2 weapons, such as Igneous Hammer, the Messenger, Sola’s Scar, Astral Horizon, and Felwinter’s Lie, all of which have already rooted in the game’s PvP meta, along with their Adept versions. Trials rewards also include a unique ship, sparrow, and Ghost shell.

How to Get the Best Trials of Osiris Rewards?

With such an abundance of high-end rewards, it comes as no surprise that getting those wins is no piece of cake. What does it take to ensure a solid Trials performance?


  1. Skill. For such a challenging mode as Trials, you need to be at the top of your game, practicing PvP at least 5 hours a day to even get a chance to compete on the average level.

  2. Fireteam. A well-knit pre-made party is a must. Communication is key, and everyone has to know exactly what they’re doing, so playing with randoms is not an option at all.

  3. Time. Depending on how high you’re aiming, it might take up to 8 hours to play through your Trials Flawless card as even a single loss can mess your winning streak up and have you start from scratch.


You may also be faced against cheaters that’ll abuse game rules, kicking you back to square one, and all that, including the aforementioned points, makes it extremely hard to compete in Trials. However, LFcarry has just the right toolkit to help you enjoy your Trials runs and make the most of the mode easily. When you team up with our pro players as part of your Trials Flawless carry, you get an expert squad that will carry you right to the top, securing a Flawless completion in under 1.5 hours, no matter who you’re up against.

How to Enter Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris?

To unlock the mode and be competitive enough in Trials, you’ll need the following:


  • 1260+ Power Level

  • Entry Pending quest completed (the Legend Valor rank & 50 opponents defeated in Elimination)


To make sufficient progress towards your Flawless Seal or gilding it, 1310+ Power with no Artifact bonus is preferred. Also, keep in mind that Trials are Power-enabled, so if you’re under-Light or need a meta loadout and a bunch of Artifact bonus levels, our pros will be glad to provide you with any additional options you need.

Why Do You Need a Trials of Osiris Boost from LFcarry?

On the market since 2016, LFcarry has proudly served more than 100,000 gamers all around the world. Both casual and expert players turn to us for help as they know that we provide the best in-game solutions at the most reasonable price.

Our Trials of Osiris boost is a go-to option for everyone who doesn’t have proper skill or enough time or is simply looking for an experienced squad to team up with.

Why choose LFcarry?


  1. Security. We take every precaution to ensure your account and data safety, including secure payment systems and VPN-protected connection. Delivery. The fastest completion time is guaranteed.

  2. Quality. We assign the most skilled professional players to get the job done, so you can rest assured that your Trials order will be handled by a veteran fireteam with years of PvP experience.

  3. Safe boosting. All our services are 100% handmade and we do not tolerate any cheats and illegal software.

  4. Variety. You’re free to choose between Selfplay (you take part in Trials side by side with your two pro teammates) or Piloted (a three-Guardian fireteam performs the service on your account) and add any additional option to your order at a small extra price.


With LFcarry, your Trials of Osiris performance is in good hands, so go ahead and place your order now – the best rewards are waiting!

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