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Trials of Osiris – Flawless


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Have you wandered around the Tower and seen a Guardian with glowing armor? It’s not often, but every weekend there are few roaming the halls. It looks cool, doesn’t it? Those are the Guardians that have competed in the Trials of Osiris and went Flawless. They competed in a crucible-style event, 3v3, and won 7 matches in a row. They crushed their enemy.

Now we could give you the details of the steps involved to get it, finding two other sweaty players, the right weapons to use, the skill, the map knowledge, but really, you just want it. That’s why you’re here. LFCarry will get it for you. We grind Trials so you can get all the loot, the glow, and you can worry about enjoying other parts of the game. Our gaming Pros are masters of the Destiny universe. That’s what we do.

So if you’re tired of waiting, grinding, constantly trying, let LFCarry guarantee you the items you desire.

Please Note: Your power level matters. If you aren’t power level 1060 or 1030 without the artifact (artifact power doesn’t count), please check one of the corresponding options below.

What you get


Flawless 7-0 Trials of Osiris ticket


4 Rewards from Trials: 3 Powerful engrams and 1 Pinnacle engram (Note: Loot pool changes every week)


A chance to get a Unique Trials of Osiris Ghost


A chance to get a unique Trials of Osiris Sparrow


Special armor glow for a week


Trials of Osiris – Flawless





+ $1.2 on your account in GGR

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Why us

Best pro players Average order rating is 4,85

Custom schedule Booster plays when it suits you

Private stream
You see the progress in realtime

Daily updates
You always know what’s going on


24/7 support team We are there for you anytime


It is safe
Only manual service without prohibited software


Fair price
Get discount if you have progress

How it works


After checkout, you receive a link to your personal area

You choose the preferred schedule and fill in the details.


We assign a pro player that is the best fit for your needs

You share the required information in a secured private chat. All your data is deleted after the order completion.


Pro player completes the task

You receive updates and stream link for each session, so you can see the progress in realtime.


You check if everything is good and accept the service

Your pro player will get paid only then.

Service requirements

  • The minimum power level requirement to enter Trials of Osiris is 1010, and you must have the Entry Pending quest completed.
  • Additional options must be selected if appropriate: If the Pro Player recognizes that you do not have the appropriate power level as indicated on the order, our support team will contact you to modify the order. Please ensure you have selected the “I don’t have power level 1060” or “I don’t have power level 1030” options. Remember, artifact power does not count towards your overall power level in Trials.


TrustScore 4.8 / 5


Buy Trials of Osiris - Flawless boost in Destiny 2 with Lfcarry carry service. Our professional players will help you to complete the hardest Trials of Osiris challenge and get a 7-0 flawless stat with unique rewards fast, cheap and with 0 effort.


Trials of Osiris – Flawless/Trials of Osiris – Flawless

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