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Spare Rations Hand Cannon + Rapid Hit & Rangefinder MW


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Spare Rations with Rapid Hit, Rangefinder perks, and Range Masterwork has the best range among all revolvers. It gives you an ultimate advantage – you can engage opponents on long distances without any penalty. It means that their weapon has a damage falloff but yours doesn't. Spare Rations also has straight vertical recoil direction, which makes it easier to control and eliminate enemies.

You'll also get increased stability, so aiming will be even more comfortable (especially on consoles). With the Increased reload speed you'll forget about dying while you are reloading.

Since the range of the revolvers has been nerfed, the God Roll Spare Rations became the king of PvP.

The only problem here is that there are 7-8 perk options for each cell, so the number of possible combinations is around 16128. It is a hell of a grind!

However, there is a way to get what you want much more easily. Our players will help you obtain the God Roll and save a lot of time!

Please Note: You can choose any other perks and Masterwork.

Just press the chat button, and our manager will make a custom order.

What you get


Spare Rations Hand Cannon God Roll (with Rapid Hit and Rangefinder perks and a Range Masterwork trait)


A lot of Gambit/Reckoning post-match rewards


A huge amount of Infamy Points


A chance to obtain additional God Roll Weapons - as a post-match drop


A lot of experience for you Season Pass and Artifact level


All the gear and weapons that might drop during the service



Spare Rations Hand Cannon + Rapid Hit & Rangefinder MW






+ $7.5 on your account in GGR

From /month via

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Why us

Best pro players Average order rating is 4,85

Custom schedule Booster plays when it suits you

Private stream
You see the progress in realtime

Daily updates
You always know what’s going on


24/7 support team We are there for you anytime


It is safe
Only manual service without prohibited software


Fair price
Get discount if you have progress

How it works


After checkout, you receive a link to your personal area

You choose the preferred schedule and fill in the details.


We assign a pro player that is the best fit for your needs

You share the required information in a secured private chat. All your data is deleted after the order completion.


Pro player completes the task

You receive updates and stream link for each session, so you can see the progress in realtime.


You check if everything is good and accept the service

Your pro player will get paid only then.

Service requirements

  • There are no special requirements


TrustScore 4.8 / 5


Need help with getting a Spare Rations Hand Cannon? Our professional team will farm Spare Rations God Roll with Rampage, Rapid Hit perks and with Range Masterwork trait for you! Choose our D2 carry service and get the desired rewards fast and cheap!


Spare Rations Hand Cannon + Rapid Hit & Rangefinder MW/Spare Rations Hand Cannon + Rapid Hit & Rangefinder MW

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