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Destiny 2

Season of the Drifter

The easiest way to go Flawless

The easiest way to get Magnificent Solstice set

Blacksmith Triumph Seal


Thunderlord Exotic Machine Gun


Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon



After the Nightfall Emblem



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It’s never too late to get Season of the Drifter boost

Season Six is long gone but it’s never too late to get Season of the Drifter carry. Now it’s a good time to unlock these guns as some quests have been nefred and now you have more weapons to use as a starting loadout. Moreover, we’ve lowed the prices! Boosts of excellent quality that do not cost a fortune – it’s not a dream, it’s more than possible with LFcarry. Al you’ve gotta do is make an order. Here we’ve got the best Season of the Drifter weapons – choose your favs and make a purchase.

A dignified classic of Destiny 2 weapons

There are weapons that don’t need any introduction – their reputation precedes them indeed. The main gun from the immortal S6 classic is the notorious Recluse – a savage beast available through our The Recluse boost. Nothing faster than this SMG has ever been introduced to the entire Destiny-verse, which makes it almost one-of-a-kind. Its TTK is absolutely mind-blowing, and if you bring this gun to PvP, you’ll get more winning streaks than you can imagine. Pair it up with other weapons, and you’ll get a perfect loadout. Of course, nothing can compete with this TTK, but there’s one more pinnacle that’s almost as fast as an SMG. We’re talking about an awesome Gambit MG – the one you receive if you buy 21% Delirium boost. With almost 1000 RPM, this bad boy has a huge mag and comes with all sorts of cool perks, which can be useful both in PvP and PvE. Spare Rations, Sole Survivor, Doomsday – more guns for you to use, more damage to deal! For something more stylish but equally deafly, buy our Thorn boost and recieve a very lethal HC that’s not only cool-looking but also shows some pretty extraordinary performance (and, by the way, is currently is in D2 meta). Arbalest is one more exotic from S6, and if you wanna collect all the remaining pinnacles, feel free to look through our offers. Oxygen SR3 carry is gonna deal with an arduous quest from Zavala and unlock this badass scout for your growing weapon collection. As you can see, nothing is impossible for our pros, and if you turn to us for help, you’ll forget about restrictions at all.

Unlocking weapons is easier with our Destiny 2 carry service

It’ll take only a couple of minutes for you to make an order, but it’ll change your gaming experience for good. LFcarry is the place where the magic happens. Whether it’s a Distant Relation carry or a boost for some brand-new ritual gun, our pros will unlock it for you in the shortest time possible. No limitations, no hard-to-get content, no sleepless nights spent on tedious grinding. You can finally enjoy D2 in the way you’ve always wanted to. Our Destiny 2 boosting service is legal, well-secured and private. We provide our help via account sharing but you don’t have to worry about your personal data ‘cause the way we work is absolutely safe and well-tested, and thousands of our clients can prove that. If you see something in the game that might be of interest to you, feel free to ask us for help. You can make your order at any moment regardless of what time zone you live in. Simply write to our chat on and our Support team will answer right away.



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