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Reckless Oracle God Roll - Outlaw & Killclip

200 USD
Nature of this price
We want to show you what you are paying for!
you’ll get:
  1. Reckless Oracle God Roll Outlaw+killclip
  2. Tons of rewards from the raid completions
  1. * 24/7 support team. Chat with us whenever you want
  2. * Personal pro-player & private chat with him
  3. * Private stream
  4. * Automated daily order progress updates
  5. * Custom schedule. You can change the schedule as well as the player(s)
  6. * Quality control during each step of the order
  7. * Account assurance
  8. * 10USD cashback on your personal account balance.
And remember, we have a moneyback guarantee!
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This 750 RPM Reckless Oracle Auto Rifle is one of the best auto rifle in the game with 0.93 TTK and Godly rolls of Outlaw+Killclip will make you a death machine!

Please note: You can set up your own set of perks! Just contact us via chat and tell which ones do you want.

We’re sure that this is the best price for Reckless Oracle God Roll - Outlaw & Killclip!

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