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Destiny 2

Pinnacle Weapons

X2 Nightfall The Ordeal Loot

The easiest way to get Magnificent Solstice set

Crucible Triumph Seal


The Mountaintop Full Quest





Breakneck Quest (First Step)


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What changes did Destiny 2 Shadowkeep bring to the Pinnacle system?

What are online games all about? If you ask us, we would say that they are about having fun, blowing off some steam and hanging out with some friends or finding new ones without even leaving your house. That's what lies on the surface. If you dig deeper, it would reveal that games can also improve certain skills like a quick response, threat management, the ability to make decisions under pressure. This combination of rather useful training, having a good time, and being able to experience something new and entirely different from your ordinary life makes online gaming so incredibly popular nowadays. Nevertheless, sometimes games can be pretty stressful. Let’s take D2, for example. It’s quite grindy and rather competitive in some parts. Unlocking the best content requires days of intense grinding, and sometimes even a slight mistake can result in a total failure. However, with Destiny 2 carry from us, these troubles will never bother you. We can make your in-game progress smoother and considerably more pleasant. With LFcarry, you can get high-tier gear, powerful weapons and lots of useful items looted by our pro players. It will be a huge step forward in making upgrades and, most importantly, you won't need to make any effort at all. To excel in the current season, get Destiny 2 Season of Dawn boost from us, and let the rest fall into our experts' hands. If you haven’t unlocked all the goodies from the previous seasons, don’t worry – our experts will take care of everything. As you know, Season 8 and the recent DLC brought major changes to D2, and some of these changes affected the Pinnacle system, so while you’re choosing a perfect Destiny 2 Shadowkeep carry, let us explain what kind of top-tier weapons we get in the game now.

Destiny 2 Pinnacle weapons are Ritual now

As you know, the Pinnacle system no longer exists. It’s been replaced by Ritual weapons that are basically the same but more balanced and not overpowered. Unfortunately, they are still wickedly hard to get. And that's exactly what our service is for. We are ready to help you get hold of any weapon you like. Do you want a nice pinnacle, or should we say a ritual? A super-fast SMG or a lethally injurious shotgun? Or maybe you wanna buy Randy's Throwing Knife boost to add this incredible scout rifle to your collection? Our Pinnacle section offers around two dozens of weapons boosts, both full completions (like Mountaintop quest carry) or particular quest parts (like the First Step in Redrix's Broadsword Quest). We have offers for all tastes: Revoker boost for aggressive long-distance assaults and perfect handling; Destiny 2 Not Forgotten carry to dominate in PvP with the coolest HC in the game; Mountaintop boost for stability paired with death-dealing blasts; 21% Delirium MG – a nightmarish killer with the highest rate-of-fire in the game; or you might as well buy Recluse carry to make sure you leave your foes no chances to escape with this SMG's horribly fast TTK. As you can see, it's always up to you to pick a gun that’ll make you feel confident in battle. Just remember – whatever decision you make, Destiny 2 pinnacle weapons boost is always ready to aid.

Names change but our Destiny 2 Boost is still the best

If you haven't got a chance to take possession of the last seasons' hits, don't worry – we can help you with that. You can buy Destiny 2 Edgewise carry, and our pros will complete all Zavala’s assignments to get you this great machine gun. And what about an auto rifle, Guardian? With our Breakneck boost, you can get the whole quest completed and easily unlock this Gambit gun to excel in PvE. Or maybe you aim at some PvP rewards? Wanna crush some opponents in the Crucible? It's easier than you think. Use our Destiny 2 boosting service to buy Luna’s Howl, and our pros will gladly rank you up to Fabled to get this legendary HC that’s gonna make you unbeatable in the arena. A powerful combat bow, a grenade launcher with the highest DPS in the game or a sniper rifle that performs well even in the hands of a newbie? It’s up to you to decide what loadout to run, but no matter what you prefer, is always glad to help.


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