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Destiny 2: The Menagerie


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The Menagerie Farming


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Chalice Upgrade - Raid Access


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Destiny 2 boost for opulent rewards

Last summer gave us a ride of a lifetime with countless treasure-hunting assignments from Calus, and if you haven’t got a chance to experience it firsthand, then you kinda missed a lot of fun. Luckily, so activities are still here, and our Destiny 2 carry is more than ready to help you tackle them. As you remember, Calus was generous enough to let us into his domain and even gave us a very powerful toy to play with. His Chalice is a very auspicious artifact that can help you reach unbelievable, almost god-like power, but to do so, it requires certain resources, like runes or a special currency. The only way to get those is through the Menagerie – Calus’s personal playground. It can be a very dangerous place, but not if you buy Destiny 2 boost from us. Our pros are brave and skilled enough to face any kind of creatures that are lurking in the depths of Leviathan. With the right boost, you’ll unleash the true power of Calus’s artifact. To learn how to upgrade Chalice of Opulence and what Chalice-related option you have with LFcarry, feel free to read on.

Use our Season of Opulence carry to gear up

Destiny 2 Imperials farm is a matter of utter importance when it comes to upgrading the Chalice. This resource is spent on various buffs and perks that result in the given artifact becoming much more stronger. The prices are high. The average amount of Imperials you use on those upgrades is around a couple of thousands, so there’ll be times when you’re horribly low on this “money”. That’s why it’s a great idea to get the Menagerie boost for Destiny 2. You’ll never know what it’s like to run out of Imperials. You’ll be the Bill Gates of Destiny-verse! Tons of resources to make that Chalice truly opulent are just a click away from ya. By the way, our pros can perform Chalice runes farm as well. They’ll run the Menagerie matches numerous times to get you lots of runes so that you could combine ‘em finding perfect mixes and creating the most powerful D2 gear for your Guardian to use.

LFcarry is offering The Menagerie carry for the lowest price

Why is it better to buy a Menagerie carry from us rather than from any other service? First of all, we have our rep. Thousands of good reviews from real people on Trustpilot won’t lie. Moreover, we always keep our prices competitive but try to make them as low as possible. Heroic menagerie farm, for instance, is less than 20$, which is unbelievably cheap. However, despite being extremely affordable, our boosts are performed by the best D2 pros we’ve got. We are very choosy about hiring pro players, so when you come to us you can be sure your order will be done by the most qualified personnel possible. loves and cherished every client and every request, so don’t hesitate to buy a boost from us, ‘cause it’ll be a true pleasure to provide it just for you.

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