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Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon


1-2 h

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1 hour

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A new Exotic Hand Cannon has appeared in the ecosystem, and it's the one all Guardians have been looking for since the Forsaken launch. Malfeasance is a desired primary weapon with unique perks.

To start the Quest, you'll have to obtain the Seething Heart from the rare Prime Evil Gambit Boss. If you don't have it, please select the corresponding option.

The initial price includes the first City of Secrets Quest Step completion. If you need additional Quest Steps, feel free to add one of the options below.

What you get


City of Secrets Quest Step completion


Malfeasance Exotic hand Cannon (full Quest completion)


Malfeasance Weapons Triumph completed (full Quest completion)


Gambit Reputation and post-matches Rewards for completing matches during the Quest


Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon





+ $3.3 on your account in GGR

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Service requirements

  • Access to the Dreaming City
  • The Seething Heart item to start the Questline. If you don't have it, please select the corresponding additional option.


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Get a great weapon Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon for Destiny 2! Our professional boosters will help you to get Malfeasance HC fast and cheap!

The Malfeasance Hand Cannon is a new Gambit related gun that suddenly appeared in the Forsaken DLC. It is hidden behind a secret questline, that involves RNG luck and a lot of Gambit gameplay. To complete the Quest, you’ll have to pass through 5 different steps. But let’s see its perks and stats first.

Malfeasance Exotic Perks

It’s a Primary Ammo kinetic type of weapon with an unusual trait called Explosive Shadow. The Malfeasance shoot infected bullets that burrow into your enemy. After you stack enough, they explode, dealing several mini-explosions. In practice, that means, that you have to land 5 shots to a single target to get 5 mini AOE blasts. With a mag size of 15, it makes the Malfeasance a convenient weapon for Boss damage and cleaning ads around major targets. Add here its ability to deal additional damage to Taken foes, and you get a very reliable and powerful kinetic handgun for PvE, Raid and Gambit game mode.

Malfeasance Exotic Quest

As mentioned before, in order to receive this handgun, you have to complete 5 major Quest steps. But to even start the questline, you’ll have to defeat the rare Primeval Boss Gambit to obtain the unique item known as Seething Heart. If the RNG God favors you, after several matches, you’ll get the cherished item. All the remaining steps are more straightforward. They involve defeating Taken Majors, the particular Corrupted Strike, and some skills during Gambit matches.

Lfcarry Malfeasance boost service

We can help you to get almost any in-game Exotic weapon in Forsaken, including the Malfeasance. We offer not only full completion boost, but we can start your order from any step you desire. Moreover, we propose the separate "obtain the Seething Heart" service, in case if you don't have time to grind it in Gambit and want to enjoy the whole quest by yourself.


Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon/Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon

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