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Destiny 2 Lightfall Boost & Carry Services

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What is Destiny 2 Lightfall?

This is the latest game’s expansion that players have been waiting for quite some time. The major update introduces a new story that takes Guardians to the new city called Neomona, where they must defeat the Shadow Legion and its leader Calus. Besides this, the expansion includes:


New campaign with both Classic and Legendary modes

The Strand subclass

An activity called Terminal Overload

Destiny 2 Lightfall armor

The Root of Nightmares raid

New Lightfall weapons and exotics


In other words, the major update brings us a completely new experience that brings loads of joy and, as was expected, challenges, which sometimes are not as exciting as they should be. But more on this later. Now, let’s talk about something more pleasant, like every Lightfall Exotic weapon and item that’s now available in the game.

What Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics Can You Get?

Each new update always brings a new set of Exotics that become the most sought-after things in the game. This expansion is not an exception. So, here’s the new armor pieces:


Abeyant Leap

Cyrtarachne’s Facade


Cadmus Ridge Lancecap

Speedloader Slacks

Ballidorse Wrathweavers


Some of them are part of the Lightfall Legendary campaign rewards, while others are obtainable upon Legend or Master Lost Sector completion. So, if you want to acquire those for your class, prepare to face a few challenges.


As for the Exotic Destiny 2 Lightfall weapons, there are five of them:


Final Warning

Quicksilver Storm


Deterministic Chaos

Conditional Finality


By the way, the last gun on this list drops from the final Destiny 2 Lightfall boss of the Root of Nightmares raid. And according to the players, it’s quite awesome and worth fighting for. But, unfortunately, nothing is as simple as it seems, so let us tell you more about the difficulties you might face in this said activity.

Is Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid Hard to Complete?

Well, this one isn’t as difficult as the previous others, but it still can be pretty challenging. To conquer this activity, you must go through four boss encounters, including the final one with Nezarec.


Sometimes it takes more than just skills to defeat new Lightfall enemies. The recipe for success often includes:


Reliable teammates

Good communication between all players

A working strategy that is often formed after a series of the failed ones

Well-selected loadouts and builds


Without these, the completion of the raid might be a challenging task indeed, as well as the Lightfall legendary campaign.


Plus, let’s not forget another inconvenience that’s related to rewards. The thing about any activity is that you never know what will drop. If you’re after certain new Lightfall weapons, they might appear in the loot after the first time you complete the raid or after the 20th. Naturally, it raises the question - how many times are you willing to beat this activity over and over again until you finally acquire what you came for?


Each of the aforementioned factors may complicate and, therefore, worsen your experience. But you can avoid this and just buy Destiny 2 Lightfall Boosting service. That way, you will:


Save your time

Get any reward or Destiny 2 Lightfall bundle of gear you want guaranteed

Avoid playing with randoms

Have the best stress-free gaming experience


And these are not the only things you get if you purchase the boost from us.

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By trusting us with your in-game needs, you can rest assured that we’ll fulfill your request in a timely fashion and with the flawless outcome possible. So, if you didn’t get the pre-order bonus Destiny 2 Lightfall ghost shell, don’t worry - we’ll do our best to deliver you top-notch rewards that make others jealous of you.


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