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Triple 100 Stats God Roll Armor

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Triple 100 Stats God Roll Armor





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Get the Armor set with 3 maxed out stats!

If you’ve ever wanted to chase down specific armor rolls, this is great service for you!
Want a 100 Mobility + 100 Discipline + 100 Recovery build? You got it.
Need a new armor set for Nightfalls, Raids, Crucible, and Gambit? LFC got you covered. 
How does it work?
You will receive a completely new armor set with three selected max stats. Please note that we use the basic armor mods to get the necessary characteristics. In some cases we also use the fragments since it's not always possible to get max stats without them. 
You may select 3 stats you want to max out using the options below, or let us know in the chat!
Please note:
there are certain stat combos that cannot be achieved due to in-game limitations, like:
• 100 Mobility + 100 Resilience + 100 Recovery, or
• 100 Intellect + 100 Discipline + 100 Strength;
Our support manager will contact your if the chosen stats cannot be reached on your character.
In order to get 3 x 100 stats, the armor has to be Masterworked. If you don't have any Ascendant Shards or don't want a PRO player to spend your, please select the corresponding option below.

After you place an order, we will go through our player's base and select one that will suit best for your order. Our Pro player will farm various activities to get high-stat armor and bump 3 stats of your choice to 100 points!
You will have a private chat with your player. In this chat, the player will inform you of all progress and your order's current stat. You also can ask him any question. Alongside it, don't forget we have a 24-7 support team ready to help you.


The service we offer is 100% secure, works for PC, PS, and Xbox.

Our player will use a VPN. Only pure skills, knowledge, and experience - no cheats or any hacks/exploits are involved. All prices include taxes and fees.

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What you get


3 max stats on your Armor Set


Various activities completed


All items and resources that might drop during this service


Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact


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Estimated completion time: 1 week

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The best PRO players
The average service score is 4,95

Your custom schedule
Hire a PRO player when it suits you

A private stream
You see the progress in real-time

Daily updates
You always know what’s going on

24/7 support services
We are always ready to help

100% safe and secure
No cheats, hacks, or exploits involved

Fair price
Get discount if you have progress

A loyalty program
Get 5% cashback on every purchase

How it works


After checkout, you'll receive a link to your personal area

You will fill in the details and set up a comfortable schedule.


We assign a PRO that best suits your needs

We analyze previously completed orders, PROs metrics, and their ratings. You may also change your PRO if needed.


The PRO completes the task

Keep track of your progress and ask your PRO any questions directly over a secure chat. We will delete all of this data after your order.


You check everything and confirm the service is done

Your PRO will get paid only then. If anything, our 24/7 support team is ready to help you.

Service requirements

  • 1800+ Power Level  (can be provided by our Power Level service)
  • Lightfall campaign completed.

TrustScore 4.8 / 5


How to get God Roll armor in Destiny 2?

Armor with good stats, high stat totals, and the right mods can make a major difference in your build. Raids, Iron banner, Trials, Prime Engrams and pretty much any pinnacle activity is the only way to make a 100+ stats god roll armor which can be found at Xur's shop.

Armor rolls Destiny 2 refer to the random stats and perks that come with each armor piece in Destiny 2. These rolls can greatly affect a player's performance in the game, and finding the perfect armor roll can be the difference between success and failure. Players should aim for armor rolls that complement their playstyle and preferred activities.


Best Armor Rolls Destiny 2

Some of the best armor rolls in Destiny 2 include perks that increase the recovery, mobility, and resilience stats. Players can also look for perks that improve their character's abilities or provide additional benefits, such as faster reload speeds or increased ammo reserves. The key is to find the right combination of rolls that work for each player's individual playstyle.


Destiny 2 Competitive Boost: Get Ahead with God Roll Armor

Destiny 2 is a game that requires a lot of time and effort to progress, especially when it comes to competitive gameplay. One of the key factors in achieving success is having the best gear possible. That's where God Roll Armor comes in. With the right rolls, you can maximize your character's stats and gain a significant advantage over your opponents.


Destiny Carry Squad: Best High Stat Armor Farm

If you're looking to improve your chances in competitive gameplay, you might consider joining a Destiny Carry Squad. This team of experienced players can help you reach your goals by providing tips, strategies, and support along the way. With the best high stat armor farm, you can get the gear you need to keep up with your teammates and take on any challenge.


How to Get Triple 100s in Destiny 2?

Trials of Osiris is one of the most competitive modes in Destiny 2. If you want to succeed, you need to have the best gear possible. One of the ways to achieve this is by getting triple 100 stats on your armor. This requires careful planning and strategic farming, but it can make a huge difference in your performance. 


Armor Rolls in Destiny 2: Understanding the Importance of High Stats

Armor rolls are an essential aspect of Destiny 2. These random perks and stats can make a huge difference in your character's performance, so it's important to pay attention to them. Whether you're looking for high stats, specific perks, or a combination of both, understanding armor rolls can help you make the most of your gear and reach your goals.


High Stat Armor Farm: Where to Farm the Best Armor

The Witch Queen expansion has introduced a range of new armor pieces with high stats and powerful perks. To get the most out of these pieces, you'll need to know where to farm them. With the best high stat armor farm Witch Queen, you can get the gear you need to take on the toughest challenges in the game.


Triple 100 Revision Zero: How to Get 2 or 3 100 Stats in Destiny 2

The Revision Zero armor set is a popular choice for many players in Destiny 2. With the right rolls, you can achieve two 100 stats and gain a significant advantage in combat. If you're looking to get the most out of this set, you'll need to know how to farm for the right rolls and make the most of your gear.


Max Stats on Armor Destiny 2: Best High Stat Armor Farm

Maximizing your stats in Destiny 2 requires careful planning and strategic farming. With the best high stat armor farm, you can get the gear you need to reach your full potential and take on any challenge the game has to offer.


Destiny 2 Stats over 100: How to Get 100 Resilience and Recovery

In Destiny 2, having high resilience and recovery can make a huge difference in your survival rate. If you want to get these stats over 100, you'll need to know how to farm for the right armor pieces and rolls. With the right strategies and support, you can achieve this goal and become an unstoppable force in the game.


Destiny 2 God Roll Armor Stats

When it comes to god roll armor, the stats that players should focus on include mobility, resilience, and recovery. Mobility affects a player's movement speed, jump height, and strafe speed, while resilience increases their overall defense against enemy attacks. Recovery is perhaps the most important stat, as it determines how quickly a player can regenerate their health after taking damage. Other stats to consider include intellect, discipline, and strength, which affect a player's super, grenade, and melee abilities, respectively.


Destiny 2 Recovery Stat

As mentioned, recovery is a crucial stat to consider when searching for god roll armor in Destiny 2. The recovery stat determines how quickly a player's health regenerates after taking damage. This stat is especially important for players who engage in PvE activities, such as Raids and Nightfalls, where surviving against tough enemies is essential. The higher the recovery stat, the faster a player can get back into the action and continue fighting.


Destiny 2 High Stat Armor Farm Witch Queen

The latest expansion in Destiny 2, Witch Queen, has introduced new armor sets with high stat rolls. Players can farm these armor sets by playing the new activities introduced in the expansion, such as the new Raid, seasonal events, and other activities. The key is to keep playing and grinding until players obtain the perfect set of armor with the desired stat rolls.


3 100 Stats Destiny 2

Having three stats with a score of 100 is the ultimate goal when it comes to god roll armor in Destiny 2. With three 100 stats, players can maximize their character's potential and become even more effective in combat. However, obtaining armor with three 100 stats can be challenging, as it requires a lot of luck and perseverance.


Revision Zero Destiny 2 God Roll

The Revision Zero armor set is one of the most sought-after armor sets in Destiny 2. To obtain the god roll for this armor set, players should aim for high stat rolls in recovery, resilience, and mobility. Additionally, players should look for perks that enhance their character's abilities, such as increased grenade or melee damage. With the right combination of stats and perks, the Revision Zero armor set can be an incredibly powerful tool in any Guardian's arsenal.

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