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Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle

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Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle

What you get

Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle
All items and resources
All items and resources that might drop during this service
Some Experience
Some Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact


Service requirements

  • Beyond Light Campaign completed
  • Empire Hunts must be unlocked

Become a Lord of Thunder with a brand new exotic sniper rifle.

Our professional players will help you get Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle by completing Empire Hunts on the selected difficulty.

It is still an RNG drop, but we guarantee that you will get it.


The service we offer is 100% secure, works for PC, PS, and Xbox.

Our player will use a VPN. Only pure skills, knowledge, and experience - no cheats or any hacks/exploits involved. All prices include taxes and fees.

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Total Security: Anonymous Boost Guaranteed

Total Security: Anonymous Boost Guaranteed

No cheats, hacks, or exploits are involved. Players use VPN to enter your account.

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Fast Start & Furious Completion

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Top Value for Your Money

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We are Always Online

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Let Our Professionals Unlock Cloudstrike Exotic Rifle for You

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What Does Your Order Include?

  • Guaranteed Cloudstrike boost

  • XP boost for your Season Pass and Account Level

  • Tons of drops from the activity

  • 100% safe and quick boosting service

  • 24/7 customer support


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Destiny 2 Sniper Exotic: Cloudstrike

Cloudstrike is a highly coveted exotic sniper rifle in Destiny 2 that was added to the game during the Beyond Light expansion. It's a highly versatile weapon that can deal devastating damage to enemies from long distances. One of the unique features of the Cloudstrike is its intrinsic perk, Mortal Polarity, which causes precision final blows to generate a lightning bolt at the target location. This lightning bolt not only deals significant damage to enemies in the area but also chains to nearby enemies, making it an effective weapon against groups of enemies. Additionally, the Cloudstrike has a rapid-fire frame, which allows for quick follow-up shots on missed shots, making it a great choice for both PvE and PvP activities.


How to Get Cloudstrike

To obtain the Cloudstrike exotic sniper rifle, players must complete the weekly Empire Hunt mission from the Cosmodrome's Variks, The Loyal vendor. The Empire Hunt mission is a challenging activity that requires a fireteam to complete, making it an excellent opportunity for players to team up with friends to take on the challenge. Upon completing the Empire Hunt mission, players have a chance to receive Cloudstrike as a reward.


Tips for Using Cloudstrike

When using Cloudstrike, it's important to aim for precision shots to take advantage of its Mortal Polarity perk. This will not only deal significant damage to the target but also generate a lightning bolt that can take out nearby enemies. Additionally, the rapid-fire frame of the Cloudstrike allows for quick follow-up shots, making it a great choice for enemies that are on the move. Whether you're taking on high-level PvE activities or competing in PvP matches, Cloudstrike is a top-tier exotic sniper rifle that can help you dominate the competition.

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