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Destiny 2


X2 Nightfall The Ordeal Loot

The easiest way to get Magnificent Solstice set

Eriana's Vow Catalyst Unlock


Witherhoard Catalyst Obtain


Witherhoard Catalyst Masterwork


Symmetry Catalyst Unlock



Bad Juju Catalyst Masterwork


Bad Juju Catalyst Obtain


Sunshot Catalyst Masterwork


Telesto Catalyst Masterwork


Rat King Catalyst Masterwork


Hard Light Catalyst Masterwork


Jade Rabbit Catalyst Masterwork


Riskrunner Catalyst Masterwork


Cerberus+1 Catalyst Masterwork


Last Word Catalyst Masterwork


Chaperone Catalyst Masterwork


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Fast and Furious Destiny 2 boost

Destiny 2 has a way of making epic things even more epic. You find yourself of a page dedicated to a very specific kind of Shadowkeep boost dedicated to one thing and one thing only – catalysts. Every Guardian throughout his leveling stages sooner or later comes across a very special weapon. Little does he know that the true power of it is locked. And the catalyst as the name suggests unleashes that power. But it is not an easy task. It’s even more convoluted than obtaining the gun itself. Naturally, a lot of gamers prefer to buy Destiny 2 boost to bypass that and gain fast access to an untamed monstrosity that the firearms become. To give you a taste of what we’re talking about, let’s have a look at the Outbreak Perfected catalyst. You get it by doing a heroic run of Zero Hour which is the quest yоu gо thrоugh to get the gun in the first place. Even though it is technically the same mission, the heroic version has you running a completely different route to get to the end area with the boss. Plus, you must be running this mission multiple times to complete the challenge of the catalyst to enable it. It’s safe to say that Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst is acquired in the same vein. Alternatively, you may bypass that by getting, say, cheap Eriana’s Vow Catalyst boost. But the keyword here is that it’s a professional account boosting. Which means it’s also safe. The price may and will vary on the gun of course.

Destiny 2 catalyst makes best even better

One of the coolest services that we offer is the Bad Juju catalyst boost. The history behind the weapon is that it’s actually a comeback from D1. It was a big surprise when it came out. Because it wasn’t long ago when another exotic was introduced and now it came out. It requires a lot of quest steps. It involves tribute halls, wearing certain gear while completing certain activities around the Solar system, and so on. Having such a legendary murder tool is always cool, it brings back those memories. Telesto Catalyst carry provides with yet another pretty uncommon power up. You can only get it in-game through partaking in the prestige version of the Eater of Worlds raid layer and it can come from any encounters. As for Whisper of the Worm Catalyst, it all starts from the public event on IO. The next thing you know, your team is sunk into this mysterious portal and from there it is pure hell. Do you know what’s popular? It’s to buy Hard Light catalyst. It’s a nasty gun after a number of little adjustments that have been done on it. The power-up? It may drop from kills from every damn Zavala’s activity. We haven’t covered the boomsticks, have we? There’s the Legend of Acrius Catalyst which can be obtained from running the prestige version of Leviathan. All scouts out there should Mos Def buy Polaris Lance Catalyst.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is still kicking

A few words about the Legend of Acrius catalyst though. A quick tip is to run it the raid on each character each week to get a chance of getting from its drops. To get it to mastery just get regular kills with it. The Skyburnder’s oath catalyst is also tied to the prestige raid run. One’d start to see a pattern here. You can be doing normal runs all you want, but you’ll never have a chance to have it dropped. Very soon you’ll be able to buy Malfeasance Catalyst How about that Last Word catalyst boost? The word on the street is that Bungie is teasing the catalyst with the fixes they’re making to this HC right now. It’s going to be called High Noon and it’s going to grant additional precision and damage. This could mean a lot of things, but you can’t deny that it sounds bloody tasty. To top it all off our Destiny 2 boosting service is highly customizable, allowing our clients to pick and choose additional parameters. Look for more info about that on

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