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Destiny 2 Exotics

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Must have Destiny 2 Weapons

The collections in the game let you track all Destiny 2 exotic weapons and other weapons you've ever had on you. The same goes for exotics such as Destiny 2 Divinity and others. If you're trying to see which one you're missing, just go there, and you'll find which weapons you've never tried before. Now, you could just go ahead and buy Divinity exotic, or you could try and get it yourself. And here's why you want to have as many entries unlocked in the collections as possible:


  • More options mean better loadouts

  • No need to bang your head against the wall trying to figure out how to get Vex Mythoclast Destiny 2

  • The meta doesn't stay the same, some weapons will get buffed, and you want to make sure you have them in your collection.

  • if you're a completionist that likes to unlock all the achievements and all collection entries, this is, of course, for you

  • Some of the exotics in Destiny 2 will become unobtainable and will be put into the Content Vault along with the activities they come from. Which applies to  Destiny 2 Mythoclast.


Some Destiny 2 weapons, such as Malfeasance exotic, are more challenging to get than others. So, if you're missing particular guns, it might mean that you're bound to lose a lot of time obtaining them. Again, you have to know stuff like  how to get the Vex Mythoclast. Here's how this all works.

Which exotic should i buy in Destiny 2

Something like Eyes of Tomorrow, introduced with the Beyond Light update, isn't a particularly new gun. However, it is still one of PvE's best and most effective rocket launchers in the game. Famously Destiny 2 Eyes of Tomorrow is obtained by defeating the final boss of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. In case you don't wish to drag yourself across the entire activity just to get the chance (the drop is not guaranteed) to add this rocket launcher into your arsenal, this is how gamers are supposed to earn it. Almost all Destiny 2 exotics have similar requirements:


  • Destiny 2 Cloudstrike - for this one, you have to go through multiple stages, including completing quests, doing old content, some challenges, and more.

  • Destiny 2 Vex Mythoclast - requires no introduction whatsoever.

  • One Thousand Voices exotic - similarly to the Eyes, this one is obtained from the chest at the end of a raid.

  • Heartshadow Destiny 2 sword - to get the Destiny 2 exotic sword, you will have to complete the Duality Dungeon first. 


Generally speaking, Destiny all exotics aren't easy to get a hold of. A lot of gamers are asking online how to get Gjallarhorn Destiny 2? Because it is not always obvious what must be done. The requirements for adding exotic weapons into the collection are:


  • completing multi-step quests

  • running raids

  • defeating specific bosses in the raids

  • running dungeons

  • running Nightfalls (highest difficulty of strikes)

  • Getting lucky and pulling the needed exotic out of the engram


This is how most players go around about obtaining D2 Cloudstrike and any other exotic. Every exotic Destiny 2 weapon is special, which means that the task needed to obtain it will also be pretty "special". You, however, have a better option and that is using our  boosting game services.

How Do Our Services Work?

There are a lot of misconceptions about gaming services. The best way to eliminate them is by giving you an example. Let's go with the Vex Mythoclast boost. If you really want this gun but have no desire to waste time on getting it, here's what you could do:


  • Go to our website and find the relevant boosting service. If you would like to get some Destiny 2 exotics weapons, you can find the right category right on our website.

  • Create an order and personalize it with additional parameters if you wish

  • Add it to your cart and go through the standard payment process like in any other online store.

  • Doing so will make the order officially created, which means that one of the PROs will be assigned to it shortly after that.

  • Next, you'll have a chat with the PRO where you can discuss some minor details.

  • From there, the PRO will begin to work on the order, and all you have to do is relax and wait.

  • Of course, all of the progress made will be reported to you through the notification system. Alternatively, there's an option for you to track the progress by watching the PRO work through a private stream.

  • Once the weapon is obtained, you can hop back into the game and enjoy it.


This is a reasonably straightforward process built upon the sherpa experience. And just like that, you can obtain any other exotic in the game and have it unlocked in your collections. So, if you want to buy Vex Mythoclast, you can surely do so!

Why Should You Buy LFcarry's Service?

Now, the question is, why would you want to buy One Thousand Voices at LFcarry and not somewhere else? Here are a few facts that should help you answer this question:


  • The Lfcarry's PRO team has been on this market for a while, and all our processes are optimized for the best client experience

  • We've already served many thousands of clients all around the world

  • Our incredible range of offers will not leave you unsatisfied

  • We put safety and security first - which means that your account and personal data will be safe

  • Destiny 2 buying weapons process is very quick and easy here

  • None of our PRO players use cheats or abuse the game bugs to  carry the team for you

  • We offer lots of Destiny 2 weapons for sale to all of our clients, old and new through our  game boost service

  • Our customer support team is extremely fast and responsive


That being said, if you wish to obtain One Thousand Voices Destiny 2 or any other exotic in the game, there's no place better to get it from than the best  game boosting website in the world,! You can also choose a weapon from our Pinnacle Weapons category. Choose to Destiny 2 buy exotics instead of spending hundreds of hours grinding for the desired weapons!

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