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Destiny 2 Boosting Bundles

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LFcarry | Boost & Leveling Services In Any Game | Destiny 2, WoW

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What is the Point of a Destiny 2 Bundle?

Bundles are a neat way to group services thematically or for any other good reason. Say, someone wants to get all of the Destiny 2 pinnacle gear. Well, there’s a bundle for that. It contains all the services that result in the gear of the pinnacle quality currently available on the website. Nice and easy. Or let's imagine that you are someone who doesn't know what type of weapons they need and they keep googling stuff like "Destiny 2 which exotics to buy". Here at Lfcarry, we offer bundles for specific goals for different types of players, from beginners to more advanced ones. So, what bundles are there?


  • Exotics bundle - all-new weapons in one package

  • A bundle of a weapon + catalyst such as Heartshadow catalyst

  • All Raid Weapon Patterns - expand the collection of patterns available to you to craft your own versions of weapons with the new system!

  • All Dungeons bundle - gets you the completion of all dungeons currently in the game

  • Witch Queen Epic Bundle - includes everything that came to the game with the new expansion. Kind of a popular offer too!

  • All Weekly Bounties Gear - includes all bounties, PvE runs, survival crucible playlist, weekly challenges, and more.

  • Weapon bundles - those include not only the desired weapon but also their catalyst or masterwork if there is one, along with other rewards. For example, there is a Heartshadow bundle that offers a variety of nice rewards and different versions of the weapon.


These are just a handful of examples of popular Destiny 2 bundles. Just to give you a taste, so to speak. In any case, these bundles are really handy when you need more than one thing. What’s also great about them is that, more often than not, bundles are cheaper than buying the same things separately. So, in order to summarize all of the advantages, bundles are:


  • Are cheaper - so its way better to get bundles whenever you can.

  • Thematically inspired - meaning that offers in them all share something in common.

  • Treated as a single service - meaning you won’t have to worry about setting the details for each of the offers in the bundle separately. It just saves you time.

  • Faster means when you get something like all raid weapons Destiny 2.

What’s In The Destiny 2 Witch Queen Bundle?

Right now, the most popular type of bundle among our customers is the one that has to do with our recent expansion. No wonder-we’re all excited about the new loot it brought us. So, let’s unwrap one of the bundles and take a look inside:

In the Destiny 2 Raid weapon patterns, you will find blueprints for:


  • Submission Submachine Gun

  • The Insidious Pulse Rifle

  • Forbearance Grenade Launcher

  • Lubrae's Ruin

  • Deliverance Fusion Rifle

  • Cataclysmic Linear Fusion Rifle


These are new and powerful guns and tools of war that you can use to make your own versions of. Pretty groovy! Let’s see, what else? The Witch Queen bundle is the ultimate one, as it includes absolutely everything you can get in the new DLC:


  • Getting your Guardian to 1350 - 1550 Light Level

  • A walkthrough of the campaign on Legendary difficulty

  • Unlocking the Seasonal Artifact

  • Obtaining the Dead Messenger

  • Obtaining Parasite Exotic

  • Obtaining 2 new armor Exotics

  • Obtaining the new ritual weapon

  • Maxed out reputation with the DLC NPC Fynch

  • Completion of all challenges of Week 1

  • Obtaining all Throne World weapons

  • A successful run of the new raid

  • A successful run of the latest dungeon


It’s a great deal all around. And now, let’s talk about Destiny 2 Osteo Striga and the likes of it.

How Do You Get a Destiny 2 Raid Exotic?

Look up the Destiny 2 raid exotics list and find the one you like. Now, get our raid exotics bundle and get all of them! Because why would you only want to get one, when getting all of them is a far better deal? Let’s talk some details:


  • The Osteo Striga catalyst - a massive upgrade to the new gun, which is already a part of a bundle. When you get an Osteo Stringa Destiny 2 exotic, you’ll immediately receive a quest. An upgrade will be available to you after you complete a set of quest objectives (or challenges). This upgrade will make any gun that has one way better than its normal counterparts! The bundle doesn't only provide you with the weapon but also offers a lower Oseo Stringer catalyst cost.

  • Collective Obligation boost - is the one that gives you the new Pulse rifle that pulses enemies into dust. Judging by how many websites out there write articles and guides about how to get one, you have to assume the process is not a simple one. So, why not let someone with experience help you get it with no effort?


Most new weapons are locked behind endgame content. It is not easy to get through it without a good team, let alone get a decent roll on a new gun. That’s one of the reasons these bundles are so good!

Can’t I Get These Destiny 2 New Raid Weapons Myself?

Surely you can try getting the new stuff on your own. Have a fireteam assembled of random players and attempt to beat one of the most challenging raids in the history of the game. We’re not saying it’s impossible, but the effort that will go into beating it is hardly worth the trouble. Let’s turn to history and compare the Destiny 2 new raid gear to the gear from previous expansions:


  • There are extensive tactics for speedrunning every single raid in the game except the new one. This means that, provided you have time, you can more or less efficiently get the old loot that might or might not still be viable.

  • With the new content, the situation is different - only the top guilds and fireteams have been able to successfully complete the instances. So, the best chance for an average gamer to beat them is to team up with PRO players that know what they’re doing. Hence, this is what these services are about.

  • Remember how everyone wanted to get the Vex Mythoclast catalyst but couldn’t unlock it quickly enough? The same is true for the catalysts of the new weapons. To get them quickly enough, you’ll need some assistance from experienced Guardians. So, if you  buy Vex Mythoclast catalyst it'll be added to your account swiftly.


To conclude, sure, you can get everything on your own: farm Iron Banner and other challenging content. But it’s way faster to get it all when you’re teamed up with the best Guardians in the game, who all have the D2 Gjallarhorn catalyst and other guns that make every raid a walk in the park.

Why Buy Destiny 2 Weapons Boost From LFcarry?

That’s a valid question that deserves a detailed answer. Surely, you could find Forerunner catalyst services elsewhere. But why would you choose a not-so-trusted service provider over someone who has been on the market since 2016 and has an outstanding reputation among their peers? Long story short, here’s a list of facts that should help you make the choice:


  • Safe and simple service - self-play only means that you will be playing with our PRO players. So, there’s no account transfer or any other shady techniques.

  • You can get any service you want here - our professionals will deliver any catalyst, exotic, or Heartshadow Catalyst boosting right to your account.

  • Real PROs and not cheaters - all of our highly qualified players have proved their skills time after time, serving our clients. The first test starts with an extensive background check on all of our players when they come to work with us.

  • Sales, bundles, exclusive deals - you name it, we have it! We understand that gamers don’t like to pay much for anything, so we’ve come up with all kinds of deals so that everyone can afford our services.

  • If you want special treatment, you’re in the right place. We offer so much more than just in-game services. There are coaching sessions, subscriptions, exclusive content, and all of it is available to all of our clients!


If you would like to learn which exotics to buy in Destiny 2, how to level up fast, or how to play Crucible Destiny 2 mode, our platform is what you need. Whatever you come seeking help with, be it the Destiny 2 timelost weapons, dungeons farm, Destiny 2 Heartshadow boost service, or anything else, you will help an organisation of people driven to help gamers with their goals. Have a look around and you’ll find something for yourself!

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