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Destiny 2 Builds

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What are Destiny 2 Builds?

These are carefully selected combinations of Abilities, Aspects, Fragments, weapons, Exotics, and Mods that work well with each other and are designed to optimize your playstyle or to perform efficiently in a specific type of content. It's important to note that all builds are based on Arc, Solar, Stasis, and Void subclasses, meaning that you can't use elements of different subclasses in one build.


There are multiple combinations, which are divided into PvP and PvE builds. Some are suitable for endgame content, others will be useful in less difficult activities. Also, each build has a purpose, meaning that if, for example, you’re focused on survivability, then your combination of elements should revolve around it.


Since there are three Guardians in the game, the builds can also be divided into:


Destiny 2 Warlock build

Hunter Destiny 2 builds

Destiny 2 Titan build


Each of the combinations you use amplifies your character’s abilities, and that’s why players are always looking for the potent ones, which is not always an easy thing to do, and we’ll elaborate on it in the following section.

How to Assemble the Best Destiny 2 Builds?

The art of creating the perfect combination for your character is actually a difficult task because you need to consider loads of factors. Here are some of them:


You need to understand what the purpose of your Destiny 2 best build is - survivability, damage dealing, etc. and for what mode it’ll be used

Then, you should select what power - Arc, Stasis, Void, Solar - is suitable for that and then pick the subclass

After that, you need to carefully choose what Aspects, Fragments, Weapons, and Mods to use, based on what they do and how they amplify each other, and tune them

The same applies to an Exotic you want to add

Also, it’s important to have the right stats, such as Resilience, Discipline, Strength, and others that will help you perform well with your build

Once you have the combination you were looking for, you need to figure out the gameplay loop that you need to use with you build to make the most out of it


To be able to assemble the best Hunter Solo build Destiny 2 or any other, you need to know a lot about subclasses, what each Aspect, Fragment, and other elements do, and how they synergize. Moreover, sometimes the potent builds require powerful weapons and Exotics, which might be hard to obtain.


Naturally, it takes time to test different combinations of Destiny 2 Void Titan build before you find that amazing synergy and obtain all the needed items. But that's not all. Due to the ever-changing nature of the game, we often face debuffs of certain abilities, weapons, armor, Exotics, and other things. As a result, it affects the builds, and if some Destiny 2 Hunter PvP builds were working perfectly in the previous season, in the current one, they are less effective because of the changes.


That’s why players are always updating the combinations and designing new ones, which you may find on Destiny 2 builds reddit. Though you can just use builds assembled by others instead of creating your own, there’s still a chance that you don’t have the needed weapon or Exotic yet or don’t know what gameplay loop you need to use. And that could be a problem.


In that case, you might be wondering, what other options do you have if you want to get a Titan Arc grenade build without spending too much time on it? Well, luckily for you, there’s LFCarry’s boosting service that can help you with that.

What Destiny 2 Best Builds You’ll Find on This Page?

Here, at LFCarry you can choose from a number of powerful builds that are proven to be up-to-date and quite potent for all types of content. Here’s the list of them:


Infinite Grenade Arc Hunter

Stacy Turret Stasis Warlock Build

Fire Balls Solar Titan

The Endgame Melee Arc Hunter

Necrotic Glaive Void Warlock

Infinite Starfire Solar Warlock

Fast Deadfall Void Hunter

Infinite Storm Grenades Arc Titan

Juggernaut Arc Titan

Captain America Void Titan

Ionic Abilities Arc Warlock Build


Our PROs will gladly create these by tuning all mods, aspects, fragments, and other components and obtaining all needed items if you need them. That way, you’ll get the desired Solar Titan build Destiny 2 ready to use in no time and avoid wasting time on creating it yourself.

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LFCarry has been providing all kinds of boosting services for more than 6 years now. Our PRO players are true D2 veterans who use their expertise to help gamers achieve their in-game needs, no matter how complex they might be. The results of their work are always highly valued by thousands of our customers, and that's why they keep coming to us over and over again.


Assembling builds is a hard work that takes time and deep knowledge of the game that our experts have. Thanks to their experience in the game and boosting, they can easily provide you with the best Warlock PvP build Destiny 2, which you can use in high-end content. And if you need more reasons to convince you to buy our boost, here’s the table of them.


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