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CoD Mobile Medals

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CоD Mobile Carry Service - serving the best

The medals represent your achievements on the battlefield. Very life-like. In a match, there are lots of ways to show yourself and your own skills. Essentially everything you do is rewarded one way or another. But medals come with a hefty number of XP points, besides some of them aren’t that easy to receive. Today, paired with the CоD Mobile Boost we’re going to talk about the most awesome of medals - the BR kind. If we go to the medals section you can see that the medals are all divided into different categories with their own dedicated tab. Some of the medals will be earned naturally, but those that will be left blocked you can get by either getting CоD Mobile Medal carry or by trying to unlock them yourself. Either way, let’s carry on. Some of the hardest ones require you to make five headshots in a single game. You’d think it should be achievable because it’s not that hard, but usually don’t aim for the head in this game. We tend to aim for the body, because it’s easier and there’s no extra damage to the head, so nobody goes for headshots. The next medal wants you to ride over more than 4 players with a vehicle. The same for melee kills, they aren’t easy to get, so you have to shoot first and finish with the knife, that’s what those CоD Mobile medals are.

CоD Mobile Medal Boost - the honor that comes with a reward

One of the most tricky ones employ you to steal a kill from another enemy. So you’d imagine you have to keep tailing an enemy and when he proceeds to shoot at the third guy, you need to step in and actually kill that third guy. Once again very hard to do. Choose to buy СoD Nuclear medal carry as this one is also very hard to pull off, but more on that later because it’s not from the BR. The last one you might struggle with is the one that prompts you to kill several players with a grenade. The Call of Duty Mobile Medal boost will sort it out for you. But when you start the game, depending on where you land you might go for the knives kills or the vehicle kills. If you see a helicopter near your landing area, obviously the fate tells you you should try to do the vehicle medal. If on your way to the helicopter you manage to kill someone using your knife, then it’s a sign for you to get 3 more kills with it. The way it works, you need to down them with the knife, it won’t count if you’ll finish off the opponent that’s already on his knees. Better buy СoD Mobile Medal if you think that running after a guy with only a knife is a bad idea. You know what they say - don’t bring a knife to a gunfight - you’ll lose. A similar deal goes to those that buy Brutal Medal Cod Mobile.

Getting creative with Call of Duty Mobile Medal Carry

The ways to dispose of your enemies become more and more creative with these things and if you want them all, then you’d have to get busy. When you buy CоD Mоbilе Unstоppаblе Medal carry you can rest assured that our help will unlock it faster than you’d do it yourself. Besides how is running around with your knife out any fun? It sure will be fun for everyone to shoot you. The same with grenades, can you imagine a situation in which you can get a double or triple grenade kill? That’s not easy to think of, much less possible to pull off. That’s the main reason why you should stop making plans on how to execute something as absurd and just get our CoD Mobile Medal boosting service. It’s going to save you a lot of nerves and brain cells for sure. Because to get the nuke means killing twenty with your own guns. That means no killstreaks like Predator Missile or anything else that does the killing for you. Now you are going to go ahead and think what kind of class of weapon is going to help you get those kills? Whichever you choose it won’t be easy and it’s not supposed to be, because nukes end matches. Now that you know how hard it is, here’s hoping you’re going to get something out from

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