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Call of Duty Vanguard Boost

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What is Vanguard Boost?

CoD Vanguard boosting service is a very useful tool, and a way to skip lots of farming the series is so known for. So, what will players have to farm for in the new installment? Let’s see:


  • Weapons – as usual, some weapons will be locked behind account progression, while others will come with seasonal updates and challenges to unlock them.

  • Blueprints – the weapon schematics are coming back in the new game. Obviously, all of them will be locked behind some kind of trial or a challenge.

  • Attachments – same as always. Some attachments will become available after leveling up the weapon. More attachments will be likely to be locked by various challenges.

  • Calling Cards – profile pictures demonstrate your achievements.

  • Achievements – the classic achievements are also expected, but CoD games tend to make earning these as difficult as possible.

  • Operators (and their skins) – not all operators will be unlocked just by completing the single-player missions.

  • Call of Duty Vanguard Camos – weapon skins are arguably the most important way for players to express how cool they are, so we’ll definitely have both useful camouflage skins as well as fancy pink ones with lots of unnecessary, unrealistic elements. Most likely, the latter will be much harder to get.

  • Levels – several leveling systems are expected to make it back in the new game – one for each weapon and another for the account progression with seasonal resets.


With that in mind, the Call of Duty Vanguard carry service is about saving your time on these things. We don’t know for sure what changes and updates all of these things will have in the new game, but we will definitely see all of these things listed above in some shape or form.

How Challenging Will CoD Vanguard Game Be?

Judging by the past installments, both the current one and the MW2019, we can easily conclude that the grind-fest will continue in the CoD WW2 Vanguard. Fans all over the world already express their concern about the fact that the same style of camo challenges will be in the upcoming game. Here’s why the third time is not the charm:


  • There are generally too many things to unlock from the start.

  • A specific level must be reached to unlock a camo category before the camos from the said category can even be unlocked. So, it’s kind of a double barrier.

  • You will have to level up guns before you can start working on the camos.

  • After leveling, there comes the time to complete arduous tasks.


The devs already start putting their players to work right now in the beta! By reaching lvl 20 during the beta, players will get a weapon blueprint which they’ll be able to use on release! Here’s why this is outrageous:


  1. Not all gamers have the time to grind levels in the beta.

  2. The beta is time-limited, so this is just a race against time.

  3. Those that do unlock the blueprint will have the upper hand compared to those who will start playing from release.

  4. The same will happen after the release – those who will get their hands on the blueprints faster will have an advantage against new players or those who can’t spare hours on grinding dumb challenges.


Unlocking custom loadouts is only the beginning of the upcoming work for unlocking both melee and ranged armaments in the full game. The list of types of Call of Duty Vanguard weapons have already been confirmed, so we know just how much will there be to unlock:


  • Assault Rifles – the bread and butter for the majority of players. By being highly modifiable and having the most versatile characteristics, you’ll want to farm this category the first.

  • Submachine Guns – SMGs were overpowered in Cold War, and chances are the weapon balance will be broken once again.

  • Shotguns – these are one-shot weapons for more skilled players. Modifying them with CoD Vanguard Weapon upgrades to suit your personal needs is a great option to wreak havoc.

  • Light Machine Guns – slow, but with enough ammo to send the entire enemy team to the respawn. There are some dedicated fans of this weapon category.

  • Marksman Rifles – previously Tactical Rifles, these weapons are for those who want the power of SRs on the shorter range.

  • Sniper Rifles – the most hyped, difficult-to-use guns in all games.

  • Melee – Riot Shield already confirmedю

  • Handguns – there'll definitely be a few OP pistols.

  • Launchers – are arguably the hardest when it comes to camo unlocking.


Finally, let’s not forget the Gunsmith system. Cod Vanguard weapon level unlocks will provide access to lots of accessories. The devs promise more than 100,000 combinations! Imagine the number of hours you’ll spend on unlocking all of these so-called combinations.

Why Should I Choose Your Services?

We’ve been helping CoD players achieve their goals for years now. Ever since Black Ops 4, we’ve been working on all kinds of tasks, and our pros know exactly how these systems will work and what needs to be done to Vanguard level weapons fast. But besides that, you can expect to get other perks:


  • Fast order execution

  • Discounts

  • 100% Security

  • Friendly Customer Support

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Friendly and highly experienced PROs


These and many more perks will be bestowed upon you if you choose to help you out in the new game. Together we’ll make this game even better!

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