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Modern Warfare Weapon Unlocks

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SKS Unlock


Renetti Unlock


Kali Sticks Unlock


Fennec Unlock





Striker 45 Unlock






PP19 Bizon






Origin 12








MK2 Carbine








Riot Shield


Combat Knife


.357 Magnum Unlock




.50 GS


AS VAL Unlock





RAM-7 Unlock



SP-R 208 Unlock





M4A1 Unlock Service


FR 5.56


ISO Unlock





Oden + Test Weapon with a Pro


AH-94 Unlock







FN Scar 17


AK-47 Unlock


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CoD MW Weapons Unlock works in the same way as everything else

Unlocking new weapons and leveling them up to come hand in hand as the two systems are both parts of a bigger system that we may call the general progression system. Therefore the methods for doing all of the things are more or less the same. You may start with the CoD MW M4A1 unlock, as this is a great base weapon with lots of opportunities to make it suit your playstyle. Using it you may proceed to unlock other Cаll of Duty Mоdеrn Warfare weapons. How? By acquiring XP and growing in ranks. Some weapons can only be unlocked if you purchased the current battle pass. For now, let’s just focus on the ones that don’t require a BP. You certainly don’t want to be sitting in the corner at the back of the map, you want to be getting right in there, into the action. Also, make sure you’re using your personal radar and UAV to always be aware of the enemy position. if you’re checking all these things and you’re listening for enemy call-outs and footsteps, you’re going to be able to find enemies a lot easier. Therefore, you are going to be getting more kills. The next thing to know how to do is pre-aiming and possibly pre-firing if you know an enemy is there when you go around corners. This is because if you do this, you’re more likely to win the gunfight than the enemy. After all, you are prepared and it just makes it so that overall you’ll get more kills. Buy the CoD Mоdеrn Warfare boost to get the guns with no effort at all.

Widening your arsenal with CoD Mоdеrn Wаrfare Weapon Carry

Make sure that you reload at a sensible time. Don’t be doing it in the middle of a gunfight or out in the open or do it behind cover or when you’ve got a good chance. Just don’t do it at stupid times and be very aware of that. It’s easy to forget to look after your ammo count when you’re using Mоdеrn Warfare 2019 Kilo 141, because it’s so damn good to use, especially with an extended mag. The next thing to consider is that whichever weapon you want to be using up, you need to use it as much as possible. Don’t go spreading yourself out across loads of different weapons, because there are loads of weapons in the game and all of them need to be unlocked, but the fastest way is to keep working with the one weapon, gain that XP and unlock more, rinse and repeat. So if it’s CoD Mоdеrn Wаrfare 725 shotgun that you chose, stick to it in multiplayer, it’s going to make it much quicker. Then if you go ahead and play spec ops and survival, by all means, feel free to use level up that weapon as well, because as with CoD MW 2019 MP7 carry it will help a great bit, especially if you want to go and play those modes, then do that. Just be aware that spec ops and survival, the weapon XP learn rate is much lower. than multiplayer. If it’s the sniper rifle you’re looking for, it’d be best to buy AX-50 CoD MW than trying to get it by playing PvE modes.

Get the most unique pieces of weaponry with Cаll of Dutу Mоdеrn Wаrfare Boost

It’s 5 XP per AI kill in both modes, so 20 times less XP than in MP. You might as well just come off that and get straight into multiplayer. The Call of Dutу Mоdеrn Wаrfаrе AUG carry unlocks an SMG. That is correct, AUG in this game is not an AR, but rather an SMG variant and quite a good one, might we add. The original one is a 5.56 caliber rifle and it’s quite large. However, what we’re given by default is the 9mm down-converted AUG PDW type weapon. Overall it is a good SMG, but it’s up to you to decide whether you like it, dislike it and in what scenarios to use it. You don’t need a lot of hyper-specialization to perform well with it. There are several damage profiles we could go over for it because there are two different ammo types for it. The 9mm damage will be 34 to 18 to the chest and the torso, very similar to that of MP5 and it means it can be a 3-shot kill up close. Buy M13 Cod Modern Warfare that does about the same damage than that. Primarily because it is an AR, this number can shock you, but it has more positive surprises up its sleeve. It’s the most unique AR in the game. The damage is 24 up close to 18 at a distance. It is a minimum 5-shot kill, so if you want to unlock something special for it, you’re going to have to get used to its damage. To learn more about the best way to use M13 and other guns ask us at


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