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Cold War Boosting Service

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - a cold open


On August 26th Activision has finally revealed the next step in the Call of Duty franchise, and it's coming out in eаrly Nоvember. So let's see what's planned for the new Call of Duty. Raven already had a pitch for a Vietnam themed game, which served a basis for the original Black Ops game. It will return old characters, add some historical figures, covert ops, propaganda elements, and a little bit of a "mindfuck” – quote of Raven's head. The CoD Cold War takes place in the 80s, so it is a direct sequel to the first Black Ops, at the same time leaving the BO2 and 3 where they are on the timeline. There isn't much information about the multiplayer side of the game. We've only been given some info about the single-player from the Treyarch interview. It turns out that there's going to be more character customization this time arоund. The game will even allow us to choose the psychological profile with or without violent tendencies. This is going to affect the gameplay. Choices like this will decide if you'll have a 50% ADS speed or 100% sprinting speed increase. It's not much to go around talking about CoD Cold War boosting. However, …

Jack Barsky does it again in Call of Duty Cold War!

We'll be watching closely what new information the developers will be willing to share before release. In a few months, we will be grinding for new weapon camo, possibly in Co-Op too. There's going to be about dozens of achievements, new operators, a bunch of DLC weapons, some mastery challenges. It's a good thing that our professional CoD Cold War boost is going to help you get all that. A sale or no sale, cheap or not, fast or slow, there's no better way to unlock stuff than with the Call of Duty carry service from Any gear that becomes available while leveling or completing various challenges or missions, all of that is essential to having a good time in multiplayer and single-player alike. So, with all of that said, we can't wait for this iteration of the game to come out. You can already see that we've prepared several offers in the same vein as we did with the previous game, the MW. We'd like to provide support from day 1.

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