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BDO Silver Farming

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The only true end-goal in Black Desert Online

Taken the nature and origins of BDO you can easily tell that the main two aspects, the two main goals every single player has are leveling and making money. Some would argue that pursuing the higher AP is the name of the game. That is true to some extent, but you won’t be able to new gear without money. Plus the price of proper equipment is costly. But if you currently play the game and are closing towards lvl 50, then most likely you already are aware of it. Here we’re introducing you BDO boosting – a safe and professional account boosting for making silver. We can earn you any amount from 200 million silver farming to 5 billion silver farming. You name it! In case you want to try farming yourself the least, we can do is teach you some of the simplest methods of passive and active farming, so stay tuned! Just keep in mind that the easiest way is to buy Black Desert Online boost. Thus, the first method can be called Scrolls for Profit. Scrolls are an excellent way to make money at low AP levels. These can get quite tedious and boring, but they have no other prerequisite than having scroll items that you can farm or directly buy off the central market place. This is one type of Black Desert Online Silver Farming.

BDO Silver Farming is not an easy topic for a Korean game

There are three types of scroll items which are ancient relic crystal shards, forbidden books, and scrolls written in an ancient language. It’s recommended to have at least 100 AP for the crystal shard. They can give you 35m+ per hour. So, in two weeks that would be 500 million silver farming. You can also do this with less AP than what we said, but what really matters is how quickly you can do them. That’s going to affect how much money you can make per hour without Black Desert Online boosting. The scroll you’re looking for is Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll that has to be used at a precise location. To find that place just right-click it and click enter, the auto-path should show up on your map. Head over there and once you’re at the spot, right-click the scroll again, and it will summon the boss monsters. Among the community, this thing is called a disco. It can be hard to survive in solo, and this is definitely an active method unlike Black Desert Online carry which doesn’t require you any interaction with the game at all. Once you killed the boss, make sure to loot them and also open up your black spirit and receive your reward bundles. This is going to constitute a majority of the money you make by doing scrolls and BDO farming silver.

We’ll teach you to do it yourself or by using Black Desert Online boost

If you have medium AP like above 150, you generally want to do only forbidden books because they’re more money. Check the price on the books. For instance, if you see it being cost 1 mil, you can put pre-orders throughout the day, and then in the evening, when you have enough scrolls you just do them all. There’s a vast difference between the general price and what you could be buying it for, so take advantage of that. The second method is the most classic one – grinding on spots. While scrolls are the most lucrative of the practices and doing them 10 hours a day is almost equivalent to a bill a day, we wouldn’t recommend doing it, because it burns you out. To avoid it, buy BDO silver farming boost. Spots are the same. They can be even worse if you happen to stumble upon a competitive spot where players tend to fight for the right to grind there. As a ranger, you can farm on horseback. Anyone can do that, not much gear is needed for you to be successful at that. Using Black Desert Online service sure does save time, but the reason to try horseback farming is that there’s plenty of times when there are events involving random drops for mobs that translate to money. But those are easy to miss, especially if you can spend on the game only a certain amount of time. This is when the Black Desert Online silver farm is especially handy.

What’s so special about our BDO carry service?

Some spots are beginner-friendly like the Helms. You can start grinding there at around 80 AP, but it becomes much more efficient after 120 when you’ve unlocked your succession or awakening. If you’re able to kill the elite mobs which are recommended, you start making a lot more money per hour. If you’re not familiar with the rotation for that spot, there’s a bunch of videos online on this topic. The next notable place would be Gahaz Bandits, you’d want to come there once you have 175 AP. You can easily make there over 50m an hour if you have good pets and you’re following the rotations as well as killing the elites on the way. Without good weapons or gear, it wouldn’t be possible. But when you buy BDO carry there’s no need to worry about any of that. Farming actually also gives you nice chunks of EXP sometimes, so this is also something to look forward too. By now, you must have a general idea of some of the farming methods, what’s good and bad about them. If you still haven’t made up your mind, remember that our BDO boosting service is custom, which means that you define the end goal for us. To learn more, please contact our staff at

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