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BDO Questlines Boost

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Drieghan I Questline Boost


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Valencia II Questline Boost


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Run through all Black Desert Online questlines like a pro

Black Desert Online boost collection we’re showing here will surprise you with its diversity and incredibly low price tags. Every boost we provide is not only cheap but also performed by the top BDO players who know literally everything about the gameplay, lore, and mechanics. BDO is full of various activities, and every single one of them has been mastered by our pros, including quests. So, how to complete BDO questlines? Some of them, as it usually happens in all MMOs, are very linear and simple, while the others will make you travel long distances and battle monstrous creatures. Quests always drop from non-player characters (or your creepy black companion, but we’ll get back to it later). When you walk into a town there’ll be lots of NPCs to talk to. They usually show up as question marks on your minimap, so they’re really hard to miss. Talking to them is helpful ‘cause they drop Black Desert Online energy points and contribution – things that later can be used on different sorts of purchases and progression. Moreover, with those quest rewards, you’ll progress fast both thrоugh the story and as a character. So, as you can see, those little (and not very little) missions are extremely important in BDO, and that’s why some proper boosting definitely won’t hurt.

A few things to know before getting a BDO Questlines Boost

Right before you turn to our professional Black Desert Online boosting, let us bring you up to speed on this whole questing thing. As we’ve mentioned before, if you wanna go guesting, you should look for some NPCs. When you see a question mark nearby, follow it and rush straight to the bored stranger who’s dying to meet you. However, not every NPC can send you on a quest. Yellow boxes above their head indicate that they’ve got some mission to offer, so if you’re not just wandering around and have come to the town with a clear purpose, then look for those yellow indicators. Blue box means there’s an ongoing quest, and the red one signals about some rewards that are ready to be collected. If you’re not in the mood to bother yourself with all this stuff, you’d better get a Black Desert Online carry (always safe and reliable). Meanwhile, we go on with our little guide here. So, once you take the quest, hit the arrow in the Quest menu, and you’ll see a route paved out for you. This route will lead you to the needed area. You can either autorun to the location or explore the area on your own guided by the lines on the map. Once you’re done with the quest, go back to the NPC who gave it to you and turn it in. For your services, you’ll get rewards and some useful resources. “Some” here means not very much. In case you wanna max out your Energy pool, it’s better to use our BDO energy points boosting.

Black Desert Online Quests: locations & rewards

First off, it’s worth stating that questing is a nice way of account boosting, as those rewards give you some really nice items and chunks of XP. There are 7 quest variations in total, and the most notable of them all are the assignments from the creepy Black Spirit. This guy will be with you throughout your whole journey. At first, it seems pretty suspicious, but later on, it’ll walk you through the game’s basics and be generous enough to give you free slots in your inventory and even spare some gear. However, its true motive is yet to be discovered. Sometimes it’ll whisper to your ear to sabotage other friendly NPCs’ quests. You’ve gotta make a decision: to let it convince you (and get some Combat points for this as well) or complete the NPCs’ assignments, get your Energy, Contribution, and some weapons or other items as a reward. The Spirit’s quests are basically like a newbie guide that teaches you and gives you EXP for lvling not оnly your char but the Black entity itself too. As soon as you hit lvl 50, your companion will offer you special kinds of quests: weekly and daily. They are dependable on the zone you’re currently in. The main regions are:

  • Balenos
  • Valencia
  • Calpheon
  • Serendia
  • Kamasylvia
  • Mediah
  • Drieghan

Mostly, you’ll be asked to fight some bosses, but sometimes, you’ll be given additional side objectives. For what it’s worth, it’s good to know that we’re ready to help no matter what. You can buy BDO Mediah Questline boost (purely custom, just like any other one on our website) to start and successfully finish that Mediah Questline. Black Desert Online Calpheon Quests are also available if you run into some trouble while doing them. Kamasylvia region is ready to send us on another journey, but with our pros, this journey will be fun and easy. Valencia quest is divided into 2 sеparate parts. Black Desert Online Valencia II boost will help you deal with the second one, which is considered the most difficult, and obtain something really special for your Black Spirit buddy. If you’re stuck on Pt I, you can buy BDO carry for it as well and ace those Valencia missions like a pro.

Open the door to a whole new world with BDO Boosting Service

To give you a better understanding of what our Black Desert Online service provides in this sphere, here’s the list of all we’ve got to offer in Questing:

  • Valencia I
  • Valencia II
  • Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon Questlines (all three of them in a bundle)
  • Drieghan I
  • Drieghan II
  • Kamasylvia
  • Mediah

Whether you’re having trouble in the dragon land or need some assistance exploring the cradle of the elven civilization, our BDO carry service is here to land you a helping hand. Apart from the quest boosts, we have dozens of other good BDO offers, so spend a couple of minutes looking through, and we can assure you it’ll be worth your while.



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