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Black Desert Online Leveling

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1-56 Power Leveling


56-60 Leveling


60-61 Leveling (Grind)


60-61 Leveling (Quests)


61-62 Leveling [PS4/XB1]


61-62 Leveling [PC]


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What challenges you might face in Black Desert Online

BDO boosting has become very much demanded lately. We might say that the game now is going through a period of prosperity once again. Players are getting back to their long-forgotten characters, and the horde of excited newbies are storming the servers just like in good old times. However, BDO has changed over the years, and even returning players might need some guidance and assistance. The best way to do that is to buy Black Desert Online boost. The average price is surprisingly low, we made sure of that. We wanted every boost on our website to be more than affordable so that all gamers could treat themselves to some cheap but quality paid help services. We also try to ensure fast completion no matter the difficulty. Even the most complicated and time-consuming ventures will be handled in the shortest time possible thanks to our boosting. А Black Desert Online Leveling boost, for instance, will be performed by a professional BDO expert and take less than a day. Of course, the completion time will depend solely on your existing progress, but no matter how many levels you want to achieve, the service will always be safe, fast, and reliable. And since we are on the subject of leveling, let’s see what secrets it keeps and how you can use our Black Desert Online boosting.

BDO Power Leveling: what mysteries does it hide?

It’s no surprise that raising your lvl is the main form of account boosting not only in BDO but also in other games of a similar genre. And that’s pretty much understandable: when you lvl up, your overall stats improve, meaning your account improves as well. However, lvling is a tricky process, and it might hide some big pitfalls. With a Black Desert Online carry, you’ll avoid them easily, but it’s important to know them anyway. The first one is silver farming. You will need a huge amount of money to get proper weapons to speed up the process. Moreover, buying a pet will save you lots of time. You won’t be distracted by gathering loot, as the pet will do it for you, and you’ll be focused solely on grinding that EXP. However, that’s not mandatory. It’s a kind of a custom approach, but keep in mind that good gear will always be useful both in BDO power leveling or just entertaining yourself with some other activity. Once you step on that 1-56 Power Leveling road, make sure you’ve got all your daily buffs, as they’re gonna make the grinding process a lot easier. For higher levels, the grind will be really huge and miserable, so if you don’t wanna spend hours just collecting EXP, let our pros handle the whole thing. We can provide 61-62 Leveling [PS4/XB1] or some lvl up options for PC players too.

Black Desert Online leveling: different ways, different purposes

Before you buy BDO power leveling boost, let us explain a bit of how it’s different from lvling through quests. Powerleveling is focused strictly on gaining EXP. It means you won’t get any money, like silver, any materials or resources, and any high-tier loot along the way. Well, of course, something drops, but it’s insufficient. You just grind, and that’s it. Your 1-56 run, 56-60, or 60-61 Leveling does not give you any skills, does not unlock other in-game possibilities. But quests do. They lead you to a ton of essentials, like Contribution points, Energy, inventory space, and other stuff. By doing them, you explore the in-game realms. If you lvl up by questing, by the end of the process your 61 level character will know pretty much everything. It’ll take longer, but our Black Desert Online service will finish extremely fast anyway. Jumping from 1 to 56 with LFcarry will take only one day and grant you Awakening + Questline completions. The powerleveling offer does not include these options but is significantly faster. You can check the offer descriptions for more info or write to us in chat. And we’re always ready to give you a discount if you buy services in a bundle. For related services, the discount is even bigger. Since silver is something that goes side by side with lvling, it’s smarter to get them in a bundle. Turn to our Black Desert Online silver farm if silver is something that’s giving you a hard time, and you’ll get rich and be able to spend your in-game money on anything you want.

Use our BDO boosting service to hit that level cap

As we know, there’s no actual lvl cap in BDO, but at a certain point mobs will no longer give you EXP and you’ll eventually run out of options. But before you reach that points, you’ll probably work your butt off grinding. The process will go a lot smoother if you buy BDO 61-62 Leveling boost to reach the known cap or 60-61 Leveling carry to get closer to it. There’s no need to emphasize the importance of lvling ‘cause apart from the stats improvement, it’ll give you access to a different kind of stuff (like Calpheon quests and other ones of that kind). Quests, by the way, are considered to be the main beginner activity that’ll help you learn the ropes and obtain some nice items. Our BDO carry service can also teach you and not just the basics but also some loopholes, shortcuts, and tricks. We’ll help you access the Awakening quests and complete them; we’ll unlock or help you buy any weapon or gear piece you want no matter what class you run. Leveling is just the tip of an iceberg, so if you wanna master BDO for real, feel free to pick your perfect boost on


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