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Black Desert Online Gear Sets

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Protect your neck in Black Desert Online!

There are a lot of different schools of thought and opinions when it comes to BiS, but there isn’t one in the game. As long as you don’t take each piece of armor, you’re going to be okay. Why are we telling you all this? Because armor increases your protection score and this is as important as your attack score. The rarity system is quite different in this game compared to other MMO, although it does feature colour-based identification. Most classes are going to be using three-piece Taritas armor and one-piece Zereth. That’s way before Boss gear, of course. To acquire that you can buy Blаck Desert Online boost, but for now, let’s focus on earlier stages. The thing with Taritas is the 3-piece set bonus. All of the armor sets are great for their bonuses. Each one has different evasion, each one has different damage reduction and so on. For the most part, you’re gearing based on the set bonus. Therefore 20 Accuracy is incredibly vital, especially in the early stages of the game. So when it comes to Blаck Desert Online best gear, Taritas is that for newcomers and FNGs. If you’re looking for a professional, fast and reliable, yet cheap account boosting, look no further. The price may vary depending on each custom offer. But there’s no better way to get weapons and gear than here with Black Desert Online best gear.

Black Desert Online boost and the sheer volume of its effectiveness

Down the road when everybody has Bheg’s Gloves or Kzarka main weapon, things that infuse a giant amount of accuracy into your gear, at that point, 20 Accuracy isn’t much. But right now, for FNGs there’s Accuracy starvation. To sum up, any three pieces of Taritas, because four pieces is a no go. You might want to go with the combination of a helmet, gloves, and armor. That’s leaving you a shoe slot for Zereth. Those are going to add 200 stamina and this is a pretty big deal, kind of like Black Dеsert Online carry. Unlike other massive online projects, parameters such an Accuracy, Evasion, and Stamina have direct implications on gameplay and character’s performing, making BDO gearing are a more deliberate process. You see, all things in the game have weight, naturally, your hero can only carry so much. He or she can only run as long as he or she does. Having more stamina makes you perform more directional attacks in combat, move, and dodge more frequently. That is all actually works whereas in many other modern MMO these are just numbers. But do you know why you should really buy BDO armor boost? Accuracy. This parameter actually decides how often do your hits land on a target.

Black Desert Online gear possess real value

Surely, this is where a hater runs in and screams – hey! What about a skill-based, reaction-based, non-target combat system? Is that just a bluff? Well, it is an RPG game, which means that all equippable none-equippable will have stats including our heroes. So yes, it is a hybrid and the hater can now break down in tears because the two philosophies work in synergy here. A hero with high evasion stat will receive less damage for your implacably performed combo. In order to make sure that the enemy receives a full load, you have to have a decent accuracy level. That Black Desert Online Boss gear is god-like? Do you know just how good some Red Nose’s armor? No? Well, you will if you buy Black Desert online gear set. The deal with the boss items is that while some of them are summon-able the higher tier bosses are roaming the open world. And trust us when we tell you, you aren’t the only one who intends to hunt them down and get that rare drop. It won’t be just one guild that’s checking the timing of arrival, preparing for the boss battle, it’s about a dozen of groups of different sizes, imagine the chaos. You won’t be even able to kill a boss alone and the chance of you snatching that item provided that it does drop is reaching zero. The only true way is to buy BDO diamond gear boost.

Where did all the veterans go to play? Find out with BDO carry service

Oh, we see your confusing facial expressions like what the hell is diamond or gold sets? This is the terminology that we like to use among ourselves when we were planning out the best player sets in different categories. So when you’re reading the description of another Black Desert Online service you’ll be explained there what each of them means. In the light of recent events and celebrations, by the way, do you check the event calendar often? No? You should, sometimes you can even get very valuable prizes for free. Maybe it will be exactly that one piece that you’re missing from your sets like Capotia Ring or Witch’s Earing. Sure, there’s the matter of enchantment there but, hey! That’s what BDO carry service is for. You must already know that the worst thing about this game that drives fans away from it is seeing you enchants fail time after time, when you realize just how much resources have been wasted. Do not be weary, heroes! is going to take care of that!

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