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Adventure Logs Boost

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Blaсk Desert Online feature a new approach to story-driven adventures

There’s a new type of quest that has been recently added to the game. For all characters that are over level 50 who are looking for something different to do, there’s now an adventure that spans over thousands of quests. If you’re tired of grinding or doing PvP or trading or anything that you do and you just want to go back to the simpler time when story-driven quests were a thing, these adventures are for you. Although due to the sheer length of such questline there’s a place for another boost from us. A professional and reliable, fast method to help you see through to the end of it. Introducing the Black Desert Online boost – the most cutting-edge account boosting for the breaking new ground game content. The two characters whose journeys have been written by them into their journals are your old accomplice Igor Bartali and a lovable, illustrious Rulupee. Both of them are seasoned adventurers that have seen and experienced many things. So the way this content and therefore, the Blaсk Desert online services are structured is that each character has a travel journal composed of several books. In those books, there are dates with challenges and rewards. Now the latter is the most exciting part. Bartali’s rewards are all passive parameter bonuses that will apply to the entire account. And so this is what we’ll be helping you with by means of safe boosting of the special edition of Blаck Dеsert Online boosting.

Black Desert Online Adventure Log – is innovative yet flawed content

You won’t be getting any gear or weapons, and that’s alright! Do you know why? Because account-wide passive bonuses are hard to come by. Most of them come in the form of time-limited bonuses or events. In this regard, the rewards from these questlines are far more advantageous. Therefore, if you’re only considering doing these, you have our most definite recommendation. Besides, our Black Desеrt Online carry will help get a hold of those rewards faster, if you’re not interested in those stories at all. Also, you must go through each book in order, but the challenges within a book can be done in any order. Since the structure is built in such a way, our clients can choose whichever chunks they want us to do for them. The options include but not limited to:

  • Bartali’s Adventure Log Chapters 1-10 this option completes almost everything leaving you with the last 5 chapters which are arguably more engaging
  • Bartali’s Adventure Log Chapters 1-15 – this is just the complete things done for you
  • Bartali’s Adventure Log Chapters 11-15 – the last 4 chapters are the hardest, we’d imagine many gamers will be tired of it by this stage
  • Rulupee Travel Log: 1004 Quests – this isn’t even the half
  • Rulupee Travel Log: 4921 Quests – the total amount of missions is incredible

The above list is merely an example of BDO quests carry that demonstrates the custom nature of service. Bartali’s Adventure Log boost and the one’s for Rulupee is a very complicated thing.

What new gear Black Desert Оnline gear can you get doing this, if any?

Okay, now that you know the basics, we’ve introduced you to both the original design and purpose behind this type of content in the game as well as shown you what we can do with it, let’s actually talk about how these quests will be like when you are going through them? Once you open the journal, the first part of the story will tell you about Igor’s encounter with cyclops, and you will have to go out to where they leave and defeat them. The second task and story are kind of silly and lighthearted – Igor’s had a fun little interaction with the settlement of otters whose life is filled with fishing. He was so intrigued by their ways, he decided to make a surprise for them by catching a fish they have never seen before. As so the player’s job will be catching a fish. The good news is, you don’t have to go far – the fish in question swims in the bank by the Velia’s shore. This really might not be what you hoped for in terms of questing, and if it is the case, you may go ahead and buy BDO armor boost or something else. There’s a wide range of wares that we offer, including EXP, silver and so on. But back to Igor’s journey history. After having a close interaction with their goddess, Igor had interesting thoughts about whether it would be possible to meet the god that he prays to. The world of Black Desert Online is full of fantastic creatures such as that beautiful elk Igor managed to hunt down. But his score was stolen by another hunter. Seeing how well these little notes are written do you really want to buy Black Desert Online carry to skip them? Then again, there are good reasons to do buy it.

The most user-friendly BDO carry service

As for Rulupee, she likes to hang out in the tavern in Heidel. In her travels, she seems to like to interact with different animals. Often than not, some animals should not be disturbed by curious little adventurers. Nevertheless, her story will have you travel across countries, finding different animals all the way from domesticated to feral and rare and interact with them. Her life-loving nature can be felt from every sentence she has written in her diary. To buy BDO Pulupee Travel Log boost means to miss some of that swiftness. However, her questline is enormously long, spanning over almost five thousand missions. That is a real challenge to any gamer who may not know how much he or she will have to commit to it. Luckily our Black Desert Online service is here, waiting to lend a helpful hand. Doing it at your own pace is nice and all, but there’s no telling how much time it’s going to take, while the rewards while being nice can’t make up for the length of the endeavour. This leaves you with the choice, a typical choice we all make at some point in any game – do we go for it or do we find a more effective solution? Which, in this case, is BDO boosting service from

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