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Battlefield 2042 Weapon Leveling Boost

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What Is The Battlefield 2042 Weapons Leveling?

No live-service title goes without a convoluted progression system or several of those. BF2042 is no exception to the rule. As soon as the game is released, all players who tried it realize just how much of the content is locked behind the levels and how much time and dedication it’ll take to unlock everything. And by everything we mean:


  • Operator’s combat uniforms

  • Operator’s headgears

  • Operator’s takedowns


Each operator has from 9 to 12 sets of uniforms and gear. Besides that, there are 6 takedowns in total. In terms of Battlefield 2042 weapons list:


  • SMG - 4

  • Assault - 4

  • LMG - 2

  • Marksman - 3

  • Sniper - 3

  • Utility - 3

  • Throwable - 5

  • Secondary - 3

  • Gadgets - 11


On top of that, each gun has:


  • 8-12 attachments

  • ~14 camos

  • ~23 charms


Let’s also not forget about 14 vehicles and all the customization options available to them:


  • Equipment Slot 1: 2 items

  • Equipment Slot 2: 2 items

  • Weapon stations: up to 3

  • ~13 skins

  • ~16 decals


Moreover, some vehicles have unique equipment slots, which also have a couple of options. If you want to unlock everything and use it in your favorite Battlefield 2042 modes, you’re going to have to work hard for it.

What’s So Challenging About The Leveling System?

Battlefield 2042 gun list is an extensive one. How much time will it take you to unlock every single customization option, you reckon? Most BF fans are already trying to research the fastest ways to level up. XP gain is the name of the game here. So, here’s what earns you those points:


  • Capturing sectors in conquest - completing objectives in each of the game modes is made rewarding, but does that amount is really sufficient to level up effectively? Not at all. Besides, it’s vastly unreliable.

  • Killing enemies and destroying vehicles - a natural source of XP for all online shooters. But when you play against real players, can you assume that it’s the easiest way? Of course, not.

  • Earning combat Ribbons - these are acknowledgments of the special actions you can perform in the game like reviving teammates, repairing allied vehicles, etc. Each ribbon gives you a bonus XP, but its amount is so unremarkable, it doesn’t even make any difference if you earn them or not.

  • Winning - how often do you win Battlefield matches? With 128 players in total, you can never be sure how each match is going to end, no matter how hard you try to make your team be victorious.


So, in order to unlock Battlefield 2042 all weapons, gamers are trying to come up with the fastest methods of farming XP. Here’s how they do it:


  • Playing single-player mode, fighting against the bots - playing the standard game modes but only with bots makes everything way easier. AI is not smart. Killing and completing objectives becomes effortless. The problem is - it still takes a lot of matches to get to the max level, and not everyone has that much free time to spend doing it.

  • Killing players using vehicles - an oddly effective way to get lots of XP, but once again, very unreliable. You can’t expect people to just stand in one place and wait to be run over.


As you can see, these methods leave much to be desired. However, there’s a better solution! Buy Battlefield 2042 boost, and you won’t have to spend a second farming XP. Because instead of you, professional gamers will work on that. They’ll do it much faster than anyone else!

How LFcarry’s Service Can Help You?


Battlefield 2042 surely had a rough start. Lots of bugs, connectivity issues, and whatnot. The only bright side to all of this mess is the things in the game that you can use and enjoy. But you’ll need time to get them all unlocked. But, if you use our services, you will get the opportunity to try out all of BF’s content faster than the majority of people playing it right now. Everyone’s doing their best trying to get access to things. You don’t have to waste your time on it. Besides, we offer a number of additional advantages:


  • Our services guarantee results.

  • The order pick-up time is very short. You won’t have to wait long after placing your order.

  • It’s safe for your account - our PROs don’t abuse the broken game mechanics or use cheats. Furthermore, they’re all using VPN services to match your location, which makes it even safer for you.

  • There’s a robust system in place for you to create your own, personalized order. It’s very handy.

  • All money transactions are safe, and we support all conventional payment methods.


You really should consider letting someone really experienced take the reigns for a while and work on your account. Do try out our services at, and if you have any questions, you can always contact us via online chat or by email.

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