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Astellia Boost & Carry Services

The new MMO, where you always have a loyal companion waiting for you. Learn more with Astellia Boosting Service

Astellia is a new MMORPG, which combines classic mechanics and the original system of collecting combat pets - Astels. The fascinating world awaits everyone who wants to experience an incredible storm of emotions. This is a unique game where you can control not only the character but also your fighting pet. The pet is an important part of the game, it will be close to you in any situation. At the moment there are more than 30 fighting pets in the game, each of them has unique characteristics and different abilities. By the way, about the abilities, each character can choose a class, with unique abilities and roles. You can become a hardy warrior, an agile archer, an ordinary scholar, a hidden assassin, or a vain mage. Choosing any class, you can take part in any class you like - you can bravely fight in PVP arenas, go to mass PVP battles, where every second will be spilled someone's blood, or in a cheerful company of fellow dancers, or maybe you just want to enjoy the vast and attractive open world of Astellia. In all this, you will help a unique system of pumping characteristics and skill of the character. However, do not forget that in MMORPG without pumping anywhere and Astellia belongs to this category of games. So you can drop all the monotonous activities on us, use the Astellia Boosting Service. Be the first in everything. Use our resources for your Astellia Boost.

Don't want to waste time on uninteresting and boring character pumping? We can help you solve this problem - Buy Astellia Leveling

As with all classic MMORPGs in Astellia, there is a need to pump the character to get new abilities and access to a variety of content. In Astellia, the main source of experience and resources that you will need in craft and to strengthen character is quests. So the quests are an integral part of the pumping. Fulfilling the plot quests, you will receive as reward equipment and useful game values: crystals, stars, precious runes, and more. Using them, character will become stronger and stronger and be able to resist dangerous opponents. Why else is Astellia Leveling important? Because without experience and raising the level of the character you will not be able to gain skills and abilities. The character skills branch also gives you great opportunities to create your unique style of pumping: when you raise your character level, you get skill points that you can and should spend on learning additional effects. And when your new character reaches the 50th level, a new stage of development will open up - the choice of a second profession. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills defined by your chosen specialization, and a special awakened skill will be available! And to avoid tedious character pumping and wasting time, you can buy Astellia 1-50 level boosting. This service includes pumping 1-20, 1-30, 1-40, 1-50 levels to choose from. Astellia Leveling is another kind of Astellia Bosting Service.

Become a professional - buy Astellia Profession Boost

Traveling around the magnificent world of Astellia you will definitely come across mysterious dungeons, where the most terrible creatures live. But experienced adventurers have something to fight for - those who challenge danger and overcome all difficulties will be awarded excellent equipment and new Astels! At the moment there are more than 12 dungeons in the game - a few for each location. The dungeons can be held either alone or with a group of four characters. And for those who like hardcore, there are additional difficulty levels for each of the dungeons, which promises even more wealth. To be able to pass all dungeons on hardcore buy Astellia carry, also you can be taught all the mechanics of the game, in particular PVP. Become a true king of the arena. But even a skillful player will not help to instruct professionals if he has bad equipment and no consumables to solve this problem buy Astellia profession boost. Professions in Astellia Online are divided into the collective (Metal mining, Logging, Gem mining, Herb gathering, Relic investigation, Archeology) and crafting (Blacksmithing, Jewel Crafting, Carpentry, Leather Crafting, Tailoring, Alchemy, Cooking). It is important to know what to collect and craft you can already from the 4 level character. Astellia profession boost will also help you in this, other people will do monotonous work for you, and you will get ready-made equipment, consumables, rolled professions without spending personal time. Buy Astellia profession boost on our website Become a winner, we will save you time!

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