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Ark Survival Evolved Boosting

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Ark Survival Evolved and the rags on your crotch

It’s hard to describe such a complex game as Ark. Not that long ago, there was a trend for survival games with crafting. The trend started with Rust, and while it kept being developed under the EA program, other games tried to overthrow the self-proclaimed king. Ark went far beyond defeating. Its base concept is already far more advanced than any other game of a similar genre. When you google this game, you often come across searches like Ark Survival Evolved how to tame? Why is that? Let us start describing it from the first-person point of view. What do you see when you load onto a server? You wake up and find a weird device planted into your hand. It looks quite high-tech. You look around and realize that you are surrounded by forests, mountains that are inhabited by all kinds of dinosaurs. You got predators, vegans, flying ones, swimming ones, you name it! Some of them are as tall as a skyscraper, other ones are as cute as little furry chickens. Ark dinosaurs don’t all come from the encyclopedia books. There are even fantastic beasts like dragons, hydras, and such. Then there’s you - a human with nothing but that device of yours and a couple of rags to cover your crotch. What do you do? What is your goal? And what the hell is the ARK Genesis boost?

Look around yourself, see what Ark has to offer

The only other thing that looks out of place except for your weird implant on the left hand is an enormous light beam sticking out in the sky at some distance from you. You might even see several of them, and they could have a different color. Now, if you haven’t been killed yet by any of the fauna or other players while looking around, it’s time to make your first steps. You might remember that after all, this game should have a crafting system that allows you to build your own base. Once you realize that without instruments, the only way to collect things like wood or bush branches is by smashing things with your bare hands. It might hurt, but at least you are going to gather some necessary materials. Quick tip – there’s a lot of things under your feet. You can find rocks that you can throw, fiber, and berries from bushes. Be careful and don’t eat all the berries, some of them will make you sick! In any case, if you want to have something to smash your foes with, something better than your fists, Ark weapons boost is going to help you out. Anyway, press TAB and witness that the device in your head is actually a source of a holographic interface. In there, you’ll find your inventory, stats, and crafting blueprints. Those blueprints are your everything. The way leveling works is each new level you get a few points which you can spend on unlocking some designs. For the first few levels, you don’t need to choose and get them all. So what the boost for ARK does? The higher level you get, the more you’ll have to specialize more in different things. Like you might want to spec into a base building or weapons-making or instruments and stuff like that. Our Ark Survival Evolved carry is going to help you with that a lot.

Did you always want to have a pet? With Ark Survival Evolved boost, you can!

Let’s say you’ve picked a beautiful place, relatively safe, and built your shag there. With four walls, a door, and a haystack roof. You’ve already put a chest in there and a lock on the door. You smashed a few furry chickens, gathered some meat. Built a fireplace and cooked some meat. You’ve also made the water pouch. This all means that you’ve made your first steps. Now you can actually play the game, and this is where the Ark Survival Evolved boosting comes in. It’s time for you to tame your first dino. Why? Why the hell not? Tame the chickens so that you have a constant supply of eggs and meat. How about taming a beast to ride it? How about taming a pterodactyl to fly on it? The possibilities are endless here, and withArk boost, you can aim at the bigger beast, even the tyrannosaurus. But you’re going to need to prepare for the hunt. Oh yeah. First of all, you need taming instruments. You can’t kill the beast, you must knock them out, which means your lethal weapons won’t do. And you can’t precisely knock out a tyrannosaurus with a slingshot like the chicken. There’s a lot of instruments available for crafting. Try blunt weapons on small dinosaurs. With Ark carry, you’ll aim bigger. But for now, stick with that.

Ark carry service – it only goes better from where you are now

Let’s suppose you managed to knock the beast out and not die in the process. Now you got to start feeding it’s a most favorite food. Did you not do the research about this beast beforehand? Oops. Anyway, you must keep feeding it, but don’t let it wake up. Keep mixing between the sedative berries and it’s favorite food until the mini-game of taming is over. So that when the beast wakes up it’ll follow you around. And why wouldn’t it? You’re the infinite source of the best food for it. So, don’t disappoint your new and hungry pet. Ark Survival Evolved genesis has a broader range of weirder beasts, but even if you play on the Vanilla map, there’s a lot to learn for you. Aside from preparing for the taming game, you must make sure your beast has a roof over its head too. Treat it like yourself – you have a house, your pet needs to have a stable. It’s another building that you must design on your own, taking into consideration what kind of animal you’re taming. Please keep in mind that Ark boosting service goes way beyond what you’re doing now. There are bases underwater, in the trees, moving bases on the top of the giant dinosaurs. There’s high-tech armor with jetpacks and laser rifles. So you have a mountain of content in front of you, and only can help you climb on top of it.

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