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Apex Legends Kills Farming

Kills Farming
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The beauty of Apex Legends

Immediately after landing, look for a shotgun, assault rifle or machine gun - everything that causes great damage. Since you will have to meet enemies first, it is advisable to have the best equipment - especially the body shield. You may also need Apex Legends boosting service to make your game more smooth and exciting. If you did not succeed in winning, you would have to back off last - rely on the character’s abilities in this. The main one, of course, is smoke. The rule is simple - in any incomprehensible situation, place smoke in front of you or under your feet. If there is Bloodhound in the team, then it is time for him to scan the area and tell if anyone is nearby. The abilities of these two characters perfectly combine and often form very stable teams. The Apex Legends battle pass boost is at your service when you need to gain the momentum and play your best game. You can also look through the smoke, but you will need a high-quality sight - the so-called “Digital Optics” (Digital Threat). It is mounted on pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles. However, optics works in any situation - and against you. One of the most effective tactics is to shoot smoke towards the enemies to bring chaos and confusion into their ranks, and when they run out of the smoke, they will be alone, in a vulnerable position. Besides, they do not see anything in the smoke, and if you have a weapon with the right sight, you will get an advantage. Use it in rooms and buildings. And don’t forget about the Apex carry.

Let’s have a look at the Apex Legends Kill farm

How to get kills in apex legends. If the enemy unit is far away and suppresses you with fire from sniper rifles, put a smokescreen in the middle so that it would be difficult for enemies to shoot at your comrades and use this time to approach a close distance. When you need to run, throw smoke bombs under your feet and retreat. This is especially effective when you need to run away with the entire squad. It’s not a fact that the enemies will risk running through the smoke - after all, a Caustic trap or a grenade can wait for them, and you will have 5-10 seconds to regroup. Pay attention to the Apex Legends kills boost, it will make your game more intriguing. If you see that teammates are in danger - throw smoke in their direction - this can save the situation. Smoke is especially effective when you or a partner will pick up a bleeding comrade, or when you need to grab the banners of the killed partners and give a tear. The ability rolls back in 20 seconds, so it must be applied, the sooner, the better. Consider the situation ahead, because it may take 20-30 seconds from the decision to use the ability to the bombing - enemies can run away or kill you during this time. Therefore, it works best when it is necessary to force the enemies to leave a problem area for you because if they remain there, they will receive heavy damage.

Apex Legends kill farming at your service

It is worth noting that in Apex Legends, a lot also depends on the chosen hero. The game has eight characters, each of which has unique skills. With Apex Legends kills farming, you will improve the quality of your game. But there is another important element of the gameplay - equipment, that is, such items of armor as body shields, helmets, knockdown shields, and backpacks. In this guide, we will describe in detail and with a number of characteristics about each item of equipment, including legendary items of a gold level. The Apex Legends boost will update your game and give you more unforgettable emotions. All elements of equipment in AL have their level of quality, the higher, the better. At the same time, the higher the quality level, the more difficult it is to meet this object in the dropout zone. All this is determined randomly (random). You also buy Apex Legends rank rewards. Although there are many zones on the map with a high probability of encountering objects of epic or legendary quality, this alone does not guarantee their presence there. It is likely to find upgrades or artefacts for weapons, while items of equipment will be of normal or rare quality. Consider this feature of randomness. Stick with to know all the latest news.

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