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WoW Classic Mark of Honor Farm

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100 Honorable Kills


500 Honorable Kills


200 Honorable Kills


1000 Honorable Kills


50 Honorable Kills


500k Honor Points Farm


10k Honor Points Farm


20k Honor Points Farm


50k Honor Points Farm


100k Honor Points Farm


1 million Honor Points Farm


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World of Warcraft Classic gives you the PTSD flashbacks

Why do we keep farming? Just to suffer? Every night we think our character is getting stronger, his gear – better. The number of deaths we’ve had, the number of teammates we’ve sacrificed for a kill. It won’t stop hurting. It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it, too, don’t you? Well, it looks like you need to turn things around! Introducing the World of Warcraft Classic boost – the best cure to all suffering from farming and grinding. Stop building a tower out of the empty Monster cans, let your eyes rest, and change the color from red to the one you were born to have. This offer is as productive as if you’d do it yourself and even better. It’s also cheap. No money will buy your health back. Don’t go too deep into that rabbit hole where your char is barely earning any points, and yourself is turning into a feral beast like some shaman or rather a Worgen. There’s no need to wait for some weird annual sale, it’s already at a reasonable price. The return of your investment is priceless. You take the WoW Classic PvP farm from us, and we’ll do it the fast, and we’ll do it in a safe way. A general PvPer in the game rarely enjoys his routine. This can happen to any activity. No matter how much you love doing something, you can turn it into an object to project your hatred to. So just buy WoW Classic carry and remind yourself of what it means to have fun.

WoW Classic PvP – is the suffering worth it?

Many gamers believe they found a way for a more efficient way of boosting your rank. The problem is – these methods are all highly personal. It all comes down to your own preference, your build, and your class and even a race! If you are a druid, for instance, it could seem mindlessly easy. Also if you want to shoot for the rank 14 grind, you need to understand – you’re going to have to put a lot of time into the game for the grind. It just gets more and more the higher you go. So, WoW Classic boosting is really the only instrument that can take some of that pain off you. And if you’re wondering – well there must be the best way to farm. Well, there is – it’s just consistently playing the game. You’ll be needing to play something like AV for 18 hours straight, and you won’t even make the top 10. WSG pre-mades are the best way to get higher ranks. It’s just the way it goes. You can do a lot of them for the Horde side. There are about 5-minute queues out there. But those pre-mades come with their own requirements. If you want to do them, then you’ll need WoW Classic leveling boost to be eligible to enlist into a certain bracket. It’s not just for your total account boosting, it’s what you need for pre-mades. So, do the powerleveling, get your level up enough. That way you’ll be able to get a lot of marks. But it will still depend on how many matches you can play in a 24-hour cycle.

Here are some ways to try and do your own WoW Classic PvP boost

That’s the meta right now for a lot of the top, professional players. Okay, there are more ways. Remember, if you are going to be doing WSG, you want to get a pre-made, because on the Horde side the honor that you get from it isn’t outstanding. You’re not going to get much. Not as much as in WoW Classic PvP carry, anyway. You’re going to find yourself fighting a lot of pre-mades. It’s just the time that you put into it is not worth it. Another way that you can still do without any boost or a carry service is the AV grind. Big emphasis on the grind part. The problem with it is, let’s say, you queue up – you’ll need to wait for an hour, maybe even more. What you have to do is you need to supplement this. What you do is – you go, and you do World PvP. But don’t just go out there and try to farm some people by yourself. It’s a lot more efficient because now that Horde can queue up with their friends. So do that and go out there and do some world PvP. If you’re not going to use our WoW Classic boosting service. Don’t need to get bigger groups than two or three. Because the points earned the kind of split between the team members. But if turning some random dude’s day into a shit show isn’t what you want to be doing while waiting for several hours in a queue for a real match, there aren’t many more options left. Unless you browse through our offers at


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