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Division 2: Episode 3: Coney Island: The Hunt

Not satisfied with the offer range? No problem, we can find it together!

New update and a bunch of Division 2 boost offers from LFcarry

It looks like the devs are awake from their slumber as the newest expansion is already available to download, so you’d better go shopping to buy a Division 2 carry or two ‘cause it seems that we’re literally facing a new in-game era. The plot almost takes a full cycle, getting us back to the same location where the games’ events literally began. The birthplace of the deadly epidemic that almost destroyed the world and nearly wiped out the entire human race is welcoming us once again, and it’s up to you to decide how this story really ends. Division 2 Episode 3 boost will be of great aim ‘cause with such an abundance of fresh content and changes, it’s really easy to get lost. And lots of questions arise. With that new GS cap, how to farm points faster? How to earn XP and climb the top of that lvl ladder? How to get the Division 2 Chameleon gun? If you wanna know all the answers, just grab a bunch of carries, and our experts will do the rest.

Division 2 Episode 3 is already here

This one is the hottest update so far. You know why? ‘Cause it features a new sparky spec that can literally fry your foes to a crisp. If you’re not a happy Pass owner, you better buy Firewall specialization from us and let our pros handle the unlocking quest. This is really a go-to guy when it comes to both protecting allies and dealing nice dmg. The quest itself is not a big deal, nothing compared to the raid, for instance, but it prevents you from jumping into the battle with the K8-JetStream flamethrower right away, so it would be smarter to leave the boring part to our pros and wait a bit till they get you the new shiny spec alongside its numerous perks and talents. Moreover, we can easily handle any in-game issue that might pose a problem for you. Our experts know exactly how to get Division 2 signature weapon for any spec, how to max out your GS and lvl, how to beat the newest raid and enjoy every second of that Ep3 without getting through dozens of sweaty matches and dying countless times.

Get the most of Division 2 Coney Island: The Hunt

You can buy Division 2 K8-JetStream as a part of our spec unlock option or you can treat yourself to a bunch of new exotics. Mission completion carries will help you explore new plotlines and also obtain lotta useful high-tier loot. The upcoming raid is said to be quite something but no matter what the new patch throws at you, our Division 2 boosting service will always be a guardian of your flawless completions and impeccable results. Episode 3 is a wonderful finishing chord for the Year1 of the game’s content and to get the best closure possible we strongly recommend you turn to We are a friendly team who loves Division 2, and we offer you to join us in this new thrilling journey. Let’s get into it, shall we?


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