Nike Announces CryptoKicks – Their First NFT Metaverse Project


We knew that something was coming when the industry giant bought RTFKT Studios a few months ago, which is responsible for creating NFT shoes in the past. This collaboration has now presented their fresh project called CryptoKicks, which are the first Ethereum sneakers designed by Nike.

Nike NFT sneakers

The sneakers are a wearable item, which means that you can not only have them in your collection but also “wear” it in the metaverse world. Moreover, each pair of sneakers includes an “evolution path”, which means that the shoes can be changed and evolved in the future.

Some owners have already attempted to sell their sneakers in other marketplaces, such as OpenSea, at the minimum price of 5 ETH (~14,900 USD).

This is definitely an event that should be celebrated. The shoes themselves are a fantastic addition to the metaverse, but this kind of cooperation between two companies that work in the virtual and real worlds means a lot since finally the two realities met each other and became one. Of course, these are big words and it might not seem so exciting at first, since it’s just sneakers. But think about it: this kind of collab means that in the future, there will be even more of them, and many other companies will follow the trend. And we’ll look forward to it!

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