LFCarry’s New Tokens Top (21.04.2022)


Welcome back to our weekly digest where we check out the most successful recently launched tokens. We decided to add the blockchain on which these tokens work, so that you might have a better picture of what these tokens represent.

Massive Protocol (MAV)

This token refers to a social platform which allows creators such as musitians, artists, content makers, and everyone else who creates something to develop their own tokens and establish economy for them using their content.

  • Price: $0.2285
  • Volume: $2,238,474
  • Blockchain: Ethereum


This token comes from a very curious project that is made for pet owners. It allows people to earn money by walking with their pets. Each step is tracked by a special collar, so the goal here is to spend some quality time with your pets while earning.

  • Price: $0.0002599
  • Volume: $2,269,251
  • Blockchain: BNB


This is a social coin made to facilitate coin trading that fuels a charitable cause. You might notice that it has a massive supply, which allows easy access to anyone interested.

  • Price: $0.03971
  • Volume: $2,217,634
  • Blockchain: TRON

Most Expensive NFTs Today

Most expensive NFTs stay expensive, it seems to be a natural course of things. So, let us see how much their price has changed since last time we talked about them.


An experimental NFT token unironically represents pairs of socks that can be redeemed by the owners of these tokens. We see an increase of the price compared to the previous week.

  • Price: $73,756.33
  • Circulating supply: 315 SOCKS


Simply described as the platform for conjuring pixel monsters generated by the neural network. The price for NFTs from this collection keeps rising two weeks in a row.

  • Price:$38,793.88
  • Circulating supply: 1,494.92 XMON


It is an upcoming NFT-game based on the Ethereum blockchain. The price for it has increased compared to last week.

  • Price: $549.54
  • Circulating supply: 650,861.12 ILV
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