LFCarry’s New Tokens Top (14.04.2022)


Today we’re going to taking a look at the most successful new tokens. They are not older than a week and have some of the highest volume. The information on them is pulled from Coinmarketcap.

Senspark (SEN)

This is the token that is used to build a platform that will assist financial and economical systems used by Metaverse and GameFI products withthin the SEN ecosystem.

  • Price: $0.4719
  • Volume: $19,873,800

Fistbump (FIST)

Not much is known about this token, apart from the fact that it’s community is based in Twitter. However, this token has the second largest volume traded in the last 24-hours.

  • Price: $2.72
  • Volume: $6,662,173

SpaceMine (MINE)

This token comes from a very interesting Solar metaverse where planets have mines full of resources. Those mines are NFTs. The minerals found in them can be exhanged for these tokens and then cashed out.

  • Price: $6.07
  • Volume: $3,875,673

Most Expensive NFTs Today

Most expensive NFTs stay expensive, it seems to be a natural course of things. So, let us see how much their price has changed since last time we talked about them.


An experimental NFT token unironically represents pairs of socks that can be redeemed by the owners of these tokens. Nevertheless, this token has the highest price today.

  • Price: $68,999.70
  • Circulating supply: 315 SOCKS


Simply described as the platform for conjuring pixel monsters generated by the neural network. It’s price has risen by a lot since our last digest.

  • Price: $32,708.43
  • Circulating supply: 1,494.92 XMON


It is an upcoming NFT-game based on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Price: $535.88
  • Circulating supply: 650,861.12 ILV ILV
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