LFCarry’s Approach To Finding The Best Axie Teams


Generally speaking, our PROs haven’t found totally unplayable team setups. Even some of the "trash" (very cheap ones) axes find their place in certain teams. The addition of two cards in Origin has resulted in a much greater variety of teams.This means that gameplay has become more engaging since standard teams have become rare. But what should you look for when comparing team setups?

For one, start looking at how pure Axie is. Purebreeds get way more power ups thanks to a larger number of potential points. Then, pay attention to the cards and how their effects/mechanics have changed, if you’ve played the classic version of the game.

Then start learning the new cards for eyes and ears and look for combinations with older cards. If you start seeing potential builds, then it’s time to put your theories to practice!

Testing the Theory in Practice

One of the builds that we’re actively using is the Dusk and two Aquas. We’re really interested in seeing how this team performs in Origin. The results may not be valid for some time after the publication of this material.


Our Dusk doesn’t have a lot of potential points, but the two axes have 12 and 9 PPs. This means that, in theory, we can upgrade our fish. It is also nice that these two cards (in the screenshot below) are still pretty good in tandem. Using them at the right time will give you a lot of damage output.

sandal caterpillars

Cattail has been completely changed in origin. It is now acting as an aggro. Because of the new taunt ability, the Dusk will become a target for all of our opponent's damage-dealing cards. No matter where the dusk is placed, it’s going to really mess up the enemy’s plans as long as you know what the enemy is capable of and can predict their next move.

Even though the damage of their cards was reduced and some mechanics were rebalanced, our Aquas remained relevant. Aquas didn’t get very good ears or eyes either. We’ll write it off to them being pure.


So, after trying out this setup in a few games in Origin, our players concluded that this build performs well enough.

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