LFC Digest (23.05.2022)


The past week was relatively quiet in terms of events and news.

The developers have announced the AxieCon event that will take place September 7–10 in Barcelona.

AxieCon is a live gathering of a digital nation. The builders, warriors, dreamers, thinkers, all of them will come together in Barcelona to spend 3 magical days there. They can count on more announcements, merchandise sales, parties, developer panels, director discussions, exports and other activities.

The API update for SLP and AXS tokens will be released approximately on June 2nd.

The developers are going to release the final part of the API for creating applications for SLP and AXS. The previous version of that will be removed in two weeks' time. Perhaps these data tracking tools will show relevant results, which will depend on the efficiency of the admins that run these resources.

Lunacian Codes

As a part of the previous update, the developers have begun to test the first version of the Lunacian Codes. This means that we will see the disabled field in the user interface of the marketplace. We’ll also see the related blockchain transactions on the Ronin Block Explorer.

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