LFC Digest (16.05.2022)


Ronin Wallet Update 1.9.0 (May 16)

What’s New?

Ronin Wallet now tracks data. The data from your session will be collected to help improve Ronin Wallet and make it easier to use in future iterations. The data suitable for collection includes the actions a user performs while using the wallet, such as button clicks, scrolling, and performance diagnostics. This data is completely anonymous and users are given the ability to refuse to send their data at any time.

Bug fixes:

  • The account removal function now works properly.
  • Fix for messy breeding transaction UI.
  • The fiat cost can now be displayed in USDC.
  • Fixed issues that caused auto blocking to sometimes not work properly.

Origin Update (May 12)

What’s New?

  • The Origin APK for Android is now available for download at https://welcome.skymavis.com/download.
  • Improvements to the user interface (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15sGwY-uGubOwNmGSc04M8QF5lByxwjTqAbakH-bKECs/edit# gid=0)
  • Bloodmoon now starts during Round 15.
  • All status effects and runes will now activate simultaneously. This change makes matches more dynamic.
  • In the settings menu, a new option called "Full HD" has been added.
  • Scry can no longer be canceled. This bug allowed players to preview their next cards without spending energy.

Other Updates

On May 5, Sky Mavis released a new mechanic for burning SLP tokens. This mechanic was requested by the hosts of various tournaments who wanted to add the ability to buy-in SLP and burn in order to help make the economy of the game healthier. Of course, more SLP burning mechanics are in the works!

Beware that there are no rewards for using this mechanic. If you’re burning SLP they’ll be gone forever!

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