LFC Digest (08.06.2022)


We are continuing to work with Axie Infinity v2 and closely monitor Axie Infinity Origin.

On May 27, Origin received a huge update. A lot of bugs have been fixed, the first round action mechanic has been changed, and a new QR log-in option has become available. There’s also a four-round delay for match viewers.

New information regarding the Ronin Bridge

Last month, the developers released a security-related roadmap, revealing the steps that are being taken to enforce Ronin’s security right now and in the future. Part of that roadmap includes the Ronin audit and Ronin Bridge.

To be more specific, Sky Mavis reports that they have successfully passed two audits for Ronin Bridge. One internal audit and one external audit, hosted by Verichains. However, in order to become the gold standard in security, Sky Mavis needs to pass the second third-party audit from Certik. It is expected that this audit will take 15 days to complete. If the results of the audit are positive, the developers will enable the bridge somewhere in the middle of June.

The preparations for the launch of Origin are going at a good pace, and chances are it will not get delayed again. We will continue to share the most important news about the world of Lunacia with you.

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