LFC Axie Digest (11.04.2022)


Origin News

April 7 was the day when the Origin beta test went live. The feedback program was launched on the same day. It allows the team of developers to debug the updated version as quickly as possible. This is actually the best way to approach beta access in any game - get players to point out the most annoying issues and fix them; rule out balancing inconsistencies, etc. This method already bears fruit; some of the bugs that have been reported to the devs are being worked on. The developers reported back how to fix some of the issues manually, while more complex ones are in the process of being solved.

This also ties into the motivation for the community to create educational materials for Origin. Think about guides, tutorials, and manuals in every form possible. The development team has allocated 1000 AXS to finance this initiative. Considering the amount of new mechanics and changes, there’s a lot to learn about!

Anyone can take part in this initiative, and all manner of work is being accepted! Plus, the language doesn’t matter!

In other news, Game Product Lead, Philip La, announced that the preview of Axie Land will take place during the next live stream hosted by Zyori. Philip will answer a lot of questions submitted by the community. The stream will go live on April 11 at 19:00 CET on https://www.twitch.tv/axieinfinity.


Sky Mavis and Ronin's News

Despite the massive amount of work that’s being put into Origin and the Land, the dev team at Sky Mavis is also spending resources and time improving the Ronin Network. Here’s what’s being done throughout the past weekend:

  • A new series of validators has finally been approved. This is a huge step towards making Ronin more secure.
  • The assembly of validator-knots is being extended with the addition of Animoca Brands - the Chinese development company focused on blockchain games, as well as Nansen, Stable Node, Delphi Digital, and Dialectic. This process should be finished within the current week.
  • The investigation into the recent hacker attack is still ongoing. Thus, the company can't give out any more information right now.This means that we’ll know more once the people responsible are found and brought to justice.
  • The developers are determined to recover the assets that have been stolen from the Ronin sidechain. Several approaches to this are being weighted. So far, the team cannot give any more information on the matter.
  • The good news is that Sky Mavis has gathered around 150 million dollars thanks to the biggest exchange platform in association with Animoca Brands, a16z, Dialectic, Paradigm, and Accel. This money will be used to refund users that suffered from the hack.
  • Katana DEX (https://katana.roninchain.com/? #/swap) is now operational again.
  • The Ronin Wallet will receive an update to version 1.7.0. The update comes with a couple of new features.
    1. 1.Import with a private key: You can import into the Ronin wallet with just your private key.
    2. Ledger backing: Ledger Hardware wallet can now be used in combination with Ronin Chrome extension.
  • Today's SLP price is $0.018.
  • Today’s AXS price is $47.672.
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