Let Me Speak: Results For Week Two


The most important news about the LMS project is the announcement from the developers, where they say that their goal is to make learning languages more accessible around the world. All you need is an internet connection. But they also want to make this process profitable. As the project gets more users, it will move to the next development phase. They made plans to sell and buy back the LSTAR tokens for particular prices and committed to it. But some changes still had to happen in regards to the development of certain ecosystems within the game. One such change concerns the Treasury fund, which is planned to be preserved at a buyback price of 0.02 USDC and is currently on hold.

Treasury cash totaling $1.2 million and a portion of future NFT sales will be used to repurchase all circulating LSTARS tokens.

The price of such a repurchase would be changed periodically and would be roughly equal to the remaining buyback money divided by (estimated tokens in circulation plus estimated tokens to be issued for learning for current NFTs).

Without the support of the token’s price, its value decreased to $0.002448.


As for our own plans and results, in terms of the amount of tokens earned, everything is as ideal as it can be. Considering the decrease in the price, our payback has increased several times, and as of the moment of writing this, it takes 15 months. The developer’s trust has been broken quite significantly, but we intend to maintain our presence in the project for some time still and will inform you of any important updates.

Right now, our colleagues are hard at work analyzing new projects, so stay tuned for news about them!

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