Axie Infinity’s Runes & Charms Guide


Runes and Charms are special items that provide new passive effects that automatically activate during battles if you have equipped these items in their appropriate slots prior to combat. There are 10 types of these items—1 for each axie class in addition to one neutral class. These items will also be made into NFTs. This change will happen in later iterations of Origin. Both types of gear come in four rarities:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Mythic

Each Axie gets a slot for runes that can be filled with a rune of the same class or a neutral rune. For example, the Beast Axie can equip one Beast Rune or one Neutral Rune.

To equip a rune, start the game, then go to the Axie profile page. Click on the empty rune slot to open the inventory and select the one rune that fits. You can collect and have several copies of the same rune in your inventory.


Rules for Crafting and Equipment

Some runes and charms are seasonal, meaning that they can only be used throughout the current season of the arena. After that season is over, these items turn into collectibles and cannot be used in the game any longer. Items that are not seasonal will work in any season. At launch, players can only craft neutral runes and charms, which won’t become NFTs. The NFT kind of these items will have their own classification and will require more resources to be created. This kind of gear will be released in future updates.

Right now, in order to craft this gear, players need to have moon shards. Once the test is over, the crafting process will also require SLP. Anticipatorily, charms won’t need SLP for crafting; only runes will.

Charms are sort of like amulets that you put on cards to enhance their effects. Each of the 6 cards can be equipped with a charm. For example, you can equip a reptile or a neutral charm onto a reptile card. To do so, start the game and go to Axie’s profile page. Click on the button that says "Cards" and then click on one of the empty slots. This will open your inventory where you can select the charm to equip. It is important to understand that putting these charms on your cards costs potential points. When you take the charm off your card, the PP that it used will be restored. Potential Points (PP, for short) are calculated based on the sum of points from all body parts. Bonus points may be added if your Axie has 3 or more body parts that belong to the same class. Neutral charms will require the number of PPs of the class of the card they’re being put on.


LFCarry’s team testing results and findings

Our team has personally tested out these mechanics, and they can tell you with certainty: if the game seems simpler and easier to you after the update, try learning more about charms and runes. They give a huge leeway for tactical maneuvering and an immense pool of various builds. The most remarkable thing is that at the time of writing this guide, axies that are considered weak and unplayable are able to beat much stronger opponents due to their breed purity (potential points = talismans = power ups). It is clear that purebreds will have more utility and the ability to make themselves way stronger thanks to being able to use more of this equippable gear. It should be noted, however, that extremely powerful runes and charms are extremely expensive to create.

Our players will continue to monitor the development of this feature. After the final balancing pass is made in the game (after the end of the test), it is very possible that the best option for making money will be found somewhere in the middle between having crossbreeds and purebreeds.

A more detailed and improved guide on this mechanic will be released after the end of the test, so as not to mislead you, dear readers. And thanks for reading this article. We are keeping a tight schedule here, so it won’t be long until the next article is out. Stay tuned and have a wonderful week!

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