Axie Infinity Origin: Card Guide. Part 1


Body Parts

In Origin, each Axie has 6 different components that determine what cards it can use in battle. In other words, each body part has unique abilities.

  • Eyeseyes
  • Earsears
  • Backback
  • Mouthmouth
  • Hornshorns
  • Tailtail

There are around 200 different body parts that exist spread across these categories, allowing for nearly limitless combinations.

According to preliminary information, in the future, these body parts will become upgradeable for SLP. This will benefit the economy and provide more options for players when forming teams. It is already evident that in order to create meta-builds, one needs possess a broader variety of knowledge than was required for the identical task in version 2.0. More aspects must be considered to achieve consistently good performance. Among the most important aspects are the cards.

A cute tiny beast, white and fliffy, can be seen below. He has a focused expression on his face, making him appear to be a serious combatant. In actuality, his look was defined by his body parts, each of which has a specific card. That’s why when making a team, we will discard sentiment and carefully study the cards, thinking about how cards of all 3 axes (the size of a team) can combine together and how this simbiosis will allow us to defeat our opponents.


For example, if we decide not to use the eye card "Chubby" and instead use the more useful card "Bookworm," our adorable Axie will look like this:


Card Mechanics

With the eyes, the entire Axie’s torso has changed. In 2.0 and 3.0 alike, the torso decides which class Axie belongs to. It also has a few purely visual variations. As of writing this guide, a beast with these eyes only came with one variation of a torso.

Cards have a plethora of mechanics that are not immediately apparent. When playing Origin on PC, you can read the descriptions of extra mechanics in addition to the regular card description. This is very handy. It's critical to pay attention to them from the day 1 if you want to learn the game quickly. To enlarge a card, simply move your cursor over it. To play a card, just click on it.

The necessity to read the card descriptions will diminish as your skill level improves. Our PRO players (who play on our clients' accounts) may determine Axies' talents based on their body parts. As a result, they don't waste time reading and instead concentrate solely on battle techniques.

In the next guide, we will continue to analyze cards and the new mechanics they offer, such as:

  • Tags
  • Special Words
  • Curses
  • Tools
  • Summons
  • ... etc

So stay tuned for more guides and we’ll see you in the next one!

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